Activities to do in Autumn


Fun Activities to do in Autumn

Looking for some fun activities to do in autumn with your kids? I had a couple of the grandkids over last week and here’s what we did. These are perfect for even preschoolers- short enough to hold their attention and easy enough that they can handle the skills.

  1. Lion pictures with autumn leaves

First of all, we made lion pictures with autumn leaves. Here is the link we used to download the lion’s face. Instead of using real leaves, I used color copies of leaves we had collected. They are easier for little people to handle than the real thing and oh so pretty!

Lion Activity

Directions are easy peasy. First, the kids colored the lion faces while I cut the leaves out. Then I got out glue sticks and showed the kids how to turn leaves upside down and cover with glue. I glued the lion face to the middle of the paper but at first just placed glue in the middle of the face so we could tuck the colored leaves under his face to create a mane. The kiddos learned to glue each leaf and tuck under the face to create his mane.

Art project for fall activity

child gluing on art projectCompleted lion art project

     2. Acorn cookies

This was a fun, simple, and yummy project. Here is a picture of the ingredients needed:

Ingredients for acorn cookies

I had the kids unwrap the Hershey kisses while I melted some chocolate chips in the microwave. Then I showed them how to dip each kiss in the melted chocolate and attach to one of the nutter butter cookies. That’s it! If desired you can dip a mini chip in the melted chocolate and attach it to the top of the cookie. I chose not to, because of the skill level of the preschoolers, but older kids could manage.

acorn cookies

Acorn cookies with child

    3.  Painting Pumpkins

Then we took a trip to the neighborhood fruit stand and the kids each picked out a pumpkin. They got a ride in the little wagon with their pumpkins

pumkin wagon ride

Then we brought the pumpkins home and I let the kids paint them with washable paints.

kids making art projects


Painting pumkins

    4. Rice Krispie Pumpkins

Rice Krispie Pumpkin snack

Our last project for the day was making Rice Krispie pumpkins. I had picked up some orange food coloring.


3 tbsp butter

10 oz package mini marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispie cereal


  1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and orange food coloring and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.
  2. Add RICE KRISPIES cereal. Stir until well coated.
  3. Form into round pumpkin shapes and place them on a cookie sheet. I let the kids unwrap tootsie rolls and I cut them in half. Push the tootsie roll (stem) into the top of the pumpkin and voila, there you have it. The kids took all their treasures home to share with their brothers and sisters. It was a fun day. Hope it makes your fall more pleasurable too!Enjoy these fun activities to do in autumn with your family!

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If you have fun autumn activities that are family traditions we would love to hear them. Share them in the comments below!


 12 Ideas for Fun Summer Days at Home


collage for summer ideas

Fun Summer Days at Home

When my kids were young, I liked to try to do some fun things that weren’t a part of our normal school year- to make summer days more fun. These are simple, inexpensive or free ideas that really just let kids be kids. There’s no need to get fancy or expensive. Kids’ imaginations are the best toy, when encouraged to be used, and simple fun is usually the most fun!

So- before summer bids farewell for another year, here are some simple, yet fun ideas you can enjoy with your kids.

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Ideas for Easy Family Devotions


Ideas for Easy Family Devotions with Kids.

In raising our 14 kids I can’t say we’ve always been consistent in family devotion times with the kids. It actually got much harder as the kids got older and had so many out of the home commitments. But before we got to that stage, we had fairly consistent family Bible times.

In the next couple of posts I plan to share some of the things we did that proved successful but not overwhelming to accomplish, as well as some of the resources we developed that can be picked up and used without prep time on Dad or Mom’s part. Rick was a dad who had a physically intensive job so he would come home very tired and not at his creative best, so something that did not require a lot of preparation was important for that reason. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation.

Family Devotions don’t have to be in-depth, or extremely time-consuming. They don’t have to follow a particular formula, and you don’t have to have visuals and activities planned out to accompany your time together in order to “make it work”.  What is important, really, is that you try to set aside some time to simply lead your family in listening to God’s word and discussing it together. If you want to do more, great! But, if you cannot- don’t lose heart! Do what you can. Little is MUCH when God is in it!

Here are Easy Ideas and Resources for Family Devotions:

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How to Teach Your Children to Spend Time in the Word


How can you instill the practice of studying God’s Word into your children? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But, let me share with you what we did with our own children….

From the time our children were babes in the bassinet, we played Bible audios for them at sleep times. It would be a comfort to them and help them to settle down to turn on their Bible CD’s. Pretty early on, Rick recorded audios for them and explained difficult words and meanings to them which was actually teaching them how to meditate on God’s Word. This also served to show the kids that God’s Word was practical and interesting to listen to.

We read Bible stories to our little people and had a Friday night Bible quiz each week asking questions from our reading during the week. We would reward them for answering questions, and it encouraged them to be attentive during reading times- to want to “pay attention on purpose.”

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Tips for Teaching Preschoolers



Preschool is one of my favorite ages to teach. The love of learning is so strong. Everything is so exciting and fun for this age. With my own preschoolers, my goal was to be sure not to squelch but enhance that God-given love of learning. These tips for teaching preschoolers is from personal experience.

I do believe a schedule benefits children by building in them a sense of security. For this reason, I scheduled times to work with my preschoolers so they knew what to expect and what was expected of them.

Tips for Teaching Preschoolers:


1. Keeping Preschoolers Occupied

I found early on that to a large degree, my success in home schooling many ages at one time was dependent on how I managed my preschoolers. Preschool children have the potential of being a major distraction to the learning environment and must be handled wisely.

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More Ideas for Easy Family Devotions


Family devotion time doesn’t need to be complicated. I remember little Matt when he was about 3 or 4; he would get his pillow and stretch out on his back underneath the coffee table every night with his feet up in the air touching the bottom of the tabletop. We never let our kids disrupt family time by running around being loud, but expected them to listen quietly. Matt, listening quietly, would fall asleep every time! Sweet memories. It’s okay. They’ll pick up a whole lot more than you think even if it appears that they aren’t being really attentive.

So, continuing with suggestions for easy Family Bible Times, let me share with you several more ways we spent time together as a family learning about God. (Miss Part 1? Read it here)

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Hand Print Art


Easy Hand Print Art Ideas that Kids Love!

I LOVE summer! I love having more time to do fun things with the kids- used to be my own home-schooled kids, now it’s my homeschooled grandkids!

Here’s a super fun project I just did with my son Nate’s kids this week. I bought a pack of fabric paints and some tee-shirts at Michael’s craft store. To assure that the paint wouldn’t bleed through to the back side of the shirts, I inserted a big book into each tee shirt.



*Colored T-shirts

*Fabric Paint


*Book/magazine/cardboard to go in between the shirts

Hand Print Art Is A Perfect Activity

Hand print art with Grandma

The kids chose which colors they wanted to use and how to decorate their own shirt. With Ella and Lynn, I painted their hands with white fabric paint. You pretty much have to cover their hand with a thick coat. Then carefully, hold their hand and place it on the shirt. Wash that hand up and repeat with the other hand.

Hand print art with kids Hand print art

Then I let each child write their name with color of their choice and add decorations like flowers, hearts, whatever they chose to make. Using Fabric Paint pens for their name is a very special way to make the shirts unique to each child.

Hand print art

When my kids were little sometimes I  added the meaning of their name as well.DIY Kids Tshirts

The finished projects looked so cute and the kids were really proud of what they had accomplished.

(BTW, a great idea for Father’s Day is to get a tee shirt for Dad, paint each child’s hand or foot and make a print on Dad’s shirt. Using a tube of fabric paint, write the child’s name and date below their print. Rick wore his shirt for years! It’s a fun personalized gift! )

This project was simple and a ton of fun!

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Projects for a Meaningful Thanksgiving


My last post had instructions for making Indian and Pilgrim hats.

Here are a few more simple but fun ideas we loved doing.


~ Gratefulness Collage: Have your child look through old magazines and catalogs to find pictures of things they are grateful for.

Cut out each picture and glue them to construction paper (glue sticks work best for this).

Write a caption at the top of the sheet:  “(Child’s name) Is Grateful For:”

~ Thank You for My Food. Using the place setting drawing below,  ask your little one to draw on the plate, food they are thankful for.

~ Mr.Turkey drawing. My kids LOVED coloring in Mr. Turkey each year and writing on his tail feathers things they were thankful for the past year.


What Would You Do? Preparing Your Kids for Life Situations


What Would You Do?

That’s a question we asked our kids often during their growing up years.

We made it into a little game that the kids begged to play. It was fun.

  • You are with a friend and he is about to pick the neighbor’s raspberries without permission. He wants you to join him. What should you do?
  • You hear of an elderly man at church who is recovering from surgery. You wonder if there are things he might need done around his home. What should you do?
  •  Your baby sister grabbed your Bible and tore out several pages while you were out of the room. What should you do?

We would think of situations of temptation that we were pretty sure our kids would have to deal with in whatever stage of life they were experiencing. Then for family time, we asked our kids, “What would you do if…..”.

This exercise served two purposes:

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Part 2- How to Use God’s Word to Address Character Issues in Your Home


Character is so lacking in our culture today. Really, it’s more important to train your children in godly character than in any of the academic subjects. It is, in fact, a solid cornerstone for life. God seems to make a way for those who have learned to intentionally strive to build godly disciplines into their lives. Knowledge alone ‘puffeth’ up. (1 Cor. 8:1) Character, unfortunately, doesn’t just happen. It must be taught and cultivated. Children need to learn practical handles to apply it to situations they face day to day.

For years I have been distributing a handout called Identifying and Dealing with Offenses to moms wherever I speak. It is a list I made from observing the negative character traits in my own 14 kid’s lives. As I would see a problem area crop up, I went to the Scripture to see what the Word had to say about it, and then I made up short answer questions for the kids to use to help dig out the treasures of God’s Word concerning each issue.

Through the years, moms asked me to develop a study to make it easier for them to use, hence—Growing in Wisdom.

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