Empty Tomb Garden Craft


My grandson was up today to have a fun day with Nana.

Empty Tomb Garden Craft

It’s Feb. 24, so I figured it was a great time to plant our Empty Tomb Garden or Resurrection Garden that we’ve done in the past. The celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and the grave is the most important event in all of history.

Of the supplies needed: I only had to buy the terra cotta tray which I found at Lowes. The rest of the supplies I had in my shed. You may very well have many of them on hand, as well, which makes this a budget-friendly activity, as well!

The kids get the fun of going out and collecting some pebbles, twigs, rocks- so that is fun for them and a great way to involve all ages in this project.

Supplies for the Empty Tomb Garden Craft

I followed the supply list and instructions from http://wearethatfamily.com/2012/03/diy-mini-resurrection-garden/ You should check it out, too, and make one with your kids, in time for the Easter Season.

  • Terra cotta mini pot (tomb)
  • Terra cotta small tray
  • Small pebbles (one bag was plenty for three)
  • Grass seed
  • One small bag of potting soil
  • Small twigs and Large rock (smaller than a child’s fist) from the yard
  • String or a Glue gun
  • Spray water bottle

Instructions for the Empty Tomb Garden Craft

  1. Begin by adding the terra cotta mini pot which will be your tomb. Place it near the back of the plate so the other pieces can be added in front of the tomb.

Easter Boys craft with dirt

2. For little ones it is easy for them to add the rocks in front to fill in the space.

Working on the empty tomb garden craft

3. Next, cover the top of the tomb with dirt to form a hill over top.

Filling with plate with dirt

This part is fun for them.

Boys craft for Easter

It can get messy but don’t stress. It all cleans up.

4. Now to add the grass seed.

Adding dirt for the craftJust have them sprinkle a little bit all around the pile of dirt and then push the seeds gently into the dirt.

5. Add the Cross made of twigs.

Empty Tomb Garden CraftFor this part you can tie the cross together with string like we did or if you want to glue them with hot glue you can. We like to tie ours together with string.

6. Spray the Easter tomb dirt with water.

A finished empty tomb craftTake time every day to spritz your dirt and grass so that the grass seed can grow tall and green. I have my spray bottle next to our garden and should only be a few days before the grass begins to grow in your Resurrection gardens too.

FAQs about the Resurrection Garden Tombs

How do you get the Resurrection Tomb?

By making one with a terra cotta pot, dirt, stones, twigs, and grass seed. I’ve not seen sets to purchase for these but they are quite simple to make.

What other ways can you make this craft?

The Resurrection Tomb can be drawn by kids who enjoy drawing and there are also ways to make a paper mache tomb and that may be something your older kids would enjoy too.

7. Enjoy the finished Resurrection Garden that reminds us of the death and resurrection of Christ our Savior.

I read The Easter Story According to Matthew to him so he knew what this craft was all about. I LOVE the pictures in this book. The words are taken directly from the Bible.

How fun crafts are with your kids! Hope you enjoy doing this with your little guys.

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Empty Tomb Cookies


These cookies are an excellent activity to make with your children as your family prepares for Easter. We’ve given you a recipe before for Resurrection Rolls. This one is similar- Empty Tomb Cookies. I recently made them with 5 of my grandkids! Thanks to Faithful Provisions blog for the fun and excellent idea.

This activity involves making special cookies- where each ingredient and step is a representation of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Have your Bible with you as you make them! There are passages to read and thoughts to discuss as you make the cookies. It’s really a neat experience.

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Making a Resurrection Garden


Have you seen the Resurrection Gardens that are all over Pinterest? (like the one pictured, below)

I think I first saw this project displayed on Pinterest by Melissa Holt. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Melissa. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now, and today we finally did.

I am currently watching 5 grandkids as their mom just had a new baby boy yesterday, and this seemed like a perfect project to attempt.

The kids gathered the pebbles and rock for the tomb from their creek this morning early before they came over. We had to run to Lowes to purchase the terra cotta tray. It cost $4.00.

Today we planted the grass seed. I am going to use this as a centerpiece for the Easter Season. Today is Feb. 28th and Easter is April 1 this year, so the grass should be growing well by then and we can enjoy it all during the season!

Here’s how our completed project (before the grass has grown) turned out:

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Q & A: Did You Tell Your Kids There Was An Easter Bunny?


Q:  Did You Tell Your Kids There Was An Easter Bunny?

A: We chose not to tell our kids that the Easter bunny was real.

Why? Early on, we decided that we would not tell our children things that weren’t true. We never condemned anyone who chose otherwise, but so much of the Bible is supernatural and I didn’t want to confuse my kids with truth and fiction. (“So, now you’re saying the Easter Bunny isn’t real, but you still say Jonah in the belly of the whale really is real??” )

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Easter Cakes


We always have a cake for dessert for Easter dinner; some years a lamb cake and other years a cross cake. (Last year my daughter-in-law made an empty tomb cake!)

Be sure to share the significance of each cake with your kids. Take time to read verses about the Lamb or about the Cross as you make the cake together, or around the table before you eat. I’ve included some suggested verses, below.

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Resurrection- Focused Easter Resources for Children


Here are some fun resources you can use to teach your kids about the truth of the resurrection:

Easter Sticker Book-A delightful sticker book retelling the Easter story! The Easter Sticker Book sensitively depicts the story of Easter, from Palm Sunday through to the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, with clear and simple text and bright colorful stickers. Featuring sixty reusable stickers, children interact with the Easter story by searching for the correct stickers to complete each illustration.

‘The Story of Easter’ Board Book

A classic bestseller presented in a new size with fresh, bright illustrations. Here is the story of Easter told in about 200 words that are simple enough for a toddler to hear. From Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem through the crucifixion and the Resurrection, the Easter story is presented in its most traditional form. Vibrant illustrations paired with classic text bridge the connection between the biblical story and today’s Easter celebration. This book is unsurpassed as an introduction to the significance of Easter. Ages 2-5.

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Projects and Activities for a Christ-Centered Easter


Easter....spring 2009 007

Easter is only a few weeks away. Here are a few fun ways you can focus your children’s attention to the Resurrection. We have enjoyed these over the years. As you work on these together, take some time to ask your children about Easter. What do they think it means? Talk about the significance of the empty tomb you are making. Do they know what ‘resurrection’ means? It’s a great opportunity to discuss and ask questions together.  

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Make A Resurrection Garden


Resurrection GardenA dear friend of mine shared this with me. She plants a resurrection garden each year as a visual reminder that:

“Living, He loved me/Dying, He saved me/Buried, He carried my sins far away/Rising, He justified freely forever/One day He’s coming, O glorious day!”

What a great tradition! She uses wheat grass which grows quickly. The “tomb” is a clay flower pot turned on it’s side. Plant your wheat grass in mounded up dirt or potting soil. Spread rocks around the entrance to the”tomb”. Use a large rock for the stone that was rolled away on Resurrection Day. Place three crosses made from sticks at the back of the display.
I want to do this and use it as the centerpiece for the Easter season.
Thanks for sharing, Debbie!