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    • We use KJV. For the flashcards we have some in KJV. Then a set with the same description on the front then reference on the back. Under that is a place to write it in the verse with your version.
      Hope that is helpful.

  1. Hello!!
    We would like to order one of your character training packages but when I go to order, my computer tells me the website is not secure and is likely a false website pretending to be yours. I have never received that message before and I am not able to order at all…my computer isn’t letting me. Do you happen to know what might be causing this and how I could place an order?
    Thank you!!

    • Hello, I’m sorry that is showing up. That isn’t a normal occurrence so it maybe due to your security settings on your local computer since we haven’t had anyone else say this. I hope you are able to figure it out.

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