What About Socialization?~Part 2


Boys#2- The Key to Relationships
Do you want your kids to successfully relate to others? Do you want them to have lots of friends, and worthy friends at that? It’s not rocket science. The key is teaching them to be servants.
The average kid builds his social circle based on selfish values. Who I enjoy being with. Who is popular, so I can be popular too. Who has a cool car or a backyard pool. Whose parents are the most lenient—I can have fun at his house.
Show—don’t just tell—your children how to make the right kind of friends by serving others. Take them to visit elderly people or someone who is sick. Help them to write letters to those who are lonely or recently bereaved. Encourage them to befriend someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends, rather than the popular kids.
The best friends are those who will stick with you when you need them. The best way to make such friends is to be there when they need you. Teach your children.

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