Top Book Pick: Francis Marion and The Legend of The Swamp Fox


Every so often, we like to highlight and recommend books we have loved reading. These are books that are favorites and at the “Top” of our list!

The one I’m telling you about today is no exception-  We love this book, Francis Marion, and The Legend of The Swamp Fox!

You may already know that I get excited about American History. And so, I love it when a book can bring true facts and real people to life through a story and great illustrations for the whole family.

Francis Marion is one of our favorite characters from the Revolutionary period, and he is who this book is all about!

He did much to help us win our independence by thinking creatively how to outsmart the British. His adventures are so exciting, and he is a man we need to introduce our kids to.


The author, Kate Salley Palmer, has done her research. She lives in the area where Marion lived.

Kids will enjoy:

  • colorful, well-done illustrations
  • a glossary with definitions for words that may be new to them
  • a list of important Names to remember.

Also included are a few pages identifying the different types of South Carolina Revolutionary War Fighters (such as militia, Redcoats, Native Americans, Tories, Continental Soldiers, and so on) with a picture for each, along with their title and description.


Here’s the overview:

“Francis Marion, a native of South Carolina, was one of the heroes of the American Revolution. He practiced a type of guerrilla warfare in the Coastal Plains, harassing the British and Tory forces and kept them from advancing through the colony to North Carolina, giving George Washington time to strengthen his Continental Army in the North. Marion, nicknamed the Swamp Fox, was a stealthy commander, later Brigadier General, of a group of mostly farmers, Native Americans and African Americans who fought bravely in the swamps, often attacking at night and capturing British supplies, weapons and supplies. His group’s actions, along with those of other Partisan fighters and Continentals, such as those commanded by General Nathanael Greene, helped in the ultimate defeat of the British at Yorktown. The book tells the story of Marion and the vivid illustrations show with historical accuracy the story of the almost mythical Swamp Fox.”

See More, or Buy the Book, here!

For more stories about Francis Marion check out our Marion’s Men audiobook.

We also have a whole chapter about him in our new history book- The Fight For Freedom.


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