Teaching Your Kids To Care: Part 4


This time I’ll share some ideas that older kids ages 6 and up can do. Don’t hesitate to let little kids be a part of ministry even if there is not as much they can physically do. They are learning the life-style by being with you.

Being involved in the lives of others is the perfect antidote to kids who don’t care. Don’t be discouraged if they are uncomfortable when you start ministering to others. That’s normal. When I took Luke to visit a boy with a brain tumor, he told me he was a bit scared on the way there. I told him I was too. I hadn’t ever met the people either. We took him some audio books as a gift and nerf guns. He and Luke started playing with the nerf guns, and when I told him it was time to go, he was begging me to stay longer. It’s all about getting out of our comfort zones, and yes, it’s ok if they are hesitant to do that. Me too! But aren’t we glad when we do!!

Here’s some ideas for starters. Be sure to check out Character in Action for lots more!

Creativity in Action:

  1. Consider writing your own gospel tract to share with others. We tell the story in Character in Action of a man we met at Olive Garden who had done just that and given away thousands of them along with a baseball to boys he met as he went about town.

Kindness in Action:

  1. Find an elderly couple in the church. See if there is a small job you can do for them- weeding, planting flowers. Invite them over for dinner and ask mom if you can help her make the meal. Make a wreath for their door at Christmastime.

Responsibility in Action

  1. Ask to help work at the polls on election day when there is a godly candidate to support. Find out about the issues and where they stand and share with others. People will often listen to a young person where they won’t to an adult. You can have a voice in choosing worthy candidates that way. Find out how Luke, Mel, Michael, Anne, and even Autumn did just that in Character in Action.

Compassion in Action:

  1. Have your family’s name added to the list to be notified of the next pro-life rally, and ask your parents to take you. Bring some friends along. Brush up on it so you can effectively answer why you are standing up in behalf of those who are unable to defend themselves.

Initiative in Action:

  1. Do one of your sibling’s chores without being asked, just to brighten their day.

Honor in Action:

  1. Ask your parents to take you to interview World War II veterans or Korean or Vietnam vets. You can find them in stores when they wear caps that tell what war they’ve been in or at veteran’s organizations. Find out what part of the war they were in, and read up on it so you can ask intelligent questions. Be sure to bring them some small gift to honor their service. Remember it your whole life, and be sure to thank men you see in town for their service to our country.

Hospitality in Action:

  1. Have a widower over for supper. You prepare the meal and serve him and make him feel really special. Find out in advance some of his favorite foods or desserts to serve him. You can do the same thing with missionary families when they come to town.

Alertness in Action:

  1. Look for people who are getting left out in group situations, and reach out to them. Be a friend to those who are lonely. Ask them to join your group of friends or family.

Gratefulness in Action:

  1. Make cookies and letters of thankfulness to deliver to emergency service personnel. We do this at least once a year. We attach a gospel tract as well and deliver them to thank the officers/fire fighters/ deputies, etc. for their service to our community.

 Availability in Action:

  1. If you are made aware of a person with a terminal illness or a family whose Dad is out or work, bring them gifts or meals. Reach out to be a blessings. If there is a child who has a terminal illness and his mom is at the hospital with him a lot, send him things to do while in bed and maybe even fun things his siblings can do while mom is away.

Needs are endless. Opportunities are many. Learn to be available. Why can’t your family do something to help others?

As you do, God will bless you a hundred fold.  And I’ll talk more about this next time……


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