Thanks, Mom and Dad (a note from our son)


Moms and Dads- do you ever find yourself wondering if you are doing anything right as a parent?  Have you ever wondered if your kids would ever understand WHY you made certain choices and if they would ever appreciate the sacrifices you have made?

Those are common thoughts and feelings that we experience as parents in our weary times. Life is hard, isn’t it? Parenting is not easy. Relationships are not always want we want them to be.

No, we don’t parent to have our children agree with what we do. And we don’t parent with the expectation of appreciation. But sometimes, we long for that encouraging word, don’t we?

Recently, our sons Tim and Nate wrote two loving, grateful posts on facebook for me and Rick. I’ve posted these not to brag about our sons or to say “look at us, we did it all right!” Because we certainly did not. We relied on God’s help all along the way, and still do! (Guess what? You never quit being a parent, no matter the age of your children! We’re still learning!)

But, I’m sharing these posts with you in hopes that these will offer some encouragement to the mom or dad of young children or teenagers who feel like the journey is just too hard and there is not fruit….yet!

Keep hope, and keep doing the right thing! One day, you will see and reap the fruit.  Galatians 6:9 Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

(if you missed Nate’s post- here it is)

From Tim (Age: 40)

“Too often we only say nice things about people after they die and we are often the most guilty of this with our own family members.

In a conversation today I was reminded just what fine people my parents are and it made me think to take a moment and just compliment them for the Facebook world to see.

My parents, Rick and Marilyn Boyer, for those of you who do not know, successfully raised 14 children and managed to avoid killing any of us in the process! And all of this while homeschooling, no less!

As I have gotten older and married and have 4 children of my own, I could not have asked for any greater role model than my own parents. Though I am certain I made them angry more than my fair share of the time, I can honestly say I can never remember either of my parents ever once yelling or screaming at any of their kids, and I deserved it more than most!

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Where are the Cheerleaders?

In an airport recently I happened to see the final seconds of a televised basketball game. Because our family doesn’t have TV at home, it isn’t often that I see the mass hysteria that accompanies a close athletic contest. This particular game was a cliffhanger and the crowd was frantic as the seconds ticked off the clock and the buzzer sounded the climax. Then the field house erupted with noise as the clock decided the hard-fought contest. The fans were on their feet screaming, and the cheerleaders were leaping and doing handsprings at the edge of the court.
I remarked to Marilyn later what strange creatures we humans are. Two teams of five men each, selected from the best of the best and prepared by thousands of hours of training, throw an air-filled ball around a gym and through a net hanging from a metal hoop. All the while, thousands look on as though the fate of the world was being decided on the polished hardwood floor in front of them. We do love our play.


Eternal Importance 

I have no quarrel with those who like to play. I like to play myself, and when work permits I’m always ready for a good time. Nobody denies that there is time in a Christian’s life for rest and recreation. Still, it seems that we’ve overdone it a bit. Isn’t there something wrong with a society in which professional game-players are worshiped while accomplishments of eternal importance go unnoticed?

Woman and baby girl reading on bed

As a parent advocate, I’d like to see more cheering for parents. I think what moms and dads do is worthy of some applause. In fact, a whole lot of applause. After all, which is more important—throwing balls through hoops or forming little souls who will live forever?  Where are the cheerleaders who do handsprings when a frazzled young mom puts her preferred activity on the back burner for the umpteenth time in a day in order to read a story to a three-year-old child?
Who’s waving the pom-poms for the dad who works long hours at a job that’s not all that much fun, in order to provide a home for his wife and little ones?  Not to deny the hard work and sacrifice it takes to excel at sports, but what group is more important and less appreciated than parents?

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