This is one of our favorite recipes for a cold winter day . There’s not much prep time involved. I always keep the ingredients on hand and make it if I’m short on time. Rick loves to use the leftovers to take to work the next few days.

This chili is my husband’s favorite, and it’s quite original! I never had chili growing up. I’d only heard stories of chili con carne my dad had been served while he was in the Navy; being from the North, I thought he was saying “chili corn carne.”… hence the addition of corn in this chili recipe!

My husband loved it and the kids did, too, and that’s been a favorite main dish for 27 years now. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

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Easy and Moist Pork Barbecue


We recently had a party for our youngest child, Kasey, to celebrate her graduation and also earning her pilot’s license.

We had barbecue sandwiches as part of the menu and this is the recipe I used. It was great!

I have a friend who showed me this way of fixing it, which was new to me.

The end result is very moist and tender barbecue pork, and it just couldn’t be easier to make!

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