Character Trails Anniversary


The Character Trails Book is…

It’s A Big Anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we released Character Trails, the second book in our Character with the Cousins series, but it has!

We know many of you have followed the ‘cousins’ through the 4 books in the series. SO, to celebrate we thought first of all, we’d catch you up on what those cousins have been up to the last 10 years and some of their goals for the future. Ten years makes SUCH a difference.


Discount for November:

Also, for the month of November, we are offering you a 30% discount on Character Trails: Learning to Walk in Paths of Righteousness. AND, I asked the cousins to recommend some of the Character Concepts and Uncle Rick Audios that have been their personal favorites through the years and we will offer weekly specials on those throughout the month.

Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast where I interviewed the cousins (Lauren was out of town, so she wasn’t able to be present). Cassidy, Luke, Anne, Adam, and Melody were all available to share a little bit of their lives with you.

Boyer Cousins Then and Now:

Just for fun, we had Cass stage a photo like the one on the cover of Character Trails, ten years later. The actual log they sat on for the cover picture is now thoroughly rotten, but we found a similar one in our same patch of woods.  Hope you enjoy it.


Character Training Curriculum:

Character Trails teaches kids 12 basic character qualities, providing stories from the Bible, history, and everyday life for each one as well as suggestions for practically implementing each one as they learn it. Our aim was to put character definitions and implementation on a level kids approximately ages 6-10 could understand.

So for the entire month of November 2021, get 30% off the Character Trails book. It would make a great Christmas gift for other families.

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