Righteous Leadership – What Does The Bible Say? with Rick Boyer


What-Does-the-Bible-Say-Rick-BoyerProverbs 29:2    When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan.

The word “increase” here means to rise in stature or position.  The verse is saying that when righteous people are in leadership the people are happy, but when the wicked are in authority everybody suffers.

Some people say that Christians shouldn’t be involved in civic leadership—i.e., politics.  I couldn’t disagree more. 

Romans 13:3—12 plainly states that civil rulers are ministers, servants of God.  If that’s so, who should be more involved in the selection of ministers of God than the people of God?  The present occupant of the White House has taken more anti-Biblical stands than any President in history.  He is the first President ever to say that America is not a Christian nation.  

As long as Christians fail in their duty to select and influence civic leaders, we will continue to have the godless leadership that dominates Washington DC now. 

And we will deserve it.

Listen to Uncle Rick read from the book of Proverbs. Here is a sample:



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