One great reason to home educate your kids is the advantage you have in being able to design your own curriculum for each child.  Schools sometimes teach kids things that aren’t worth the time it takes to learn them (one history text featured eight pages about Marilyn Monroe).  And of course, they sometimes omit things that kids really need to know, such as the principles of the Constitution and who Nathan Hale was. Sometimes, they teach information that has some value, but they teach it at the wrong age.  I remember I was taught to balance a checkbook in eighth grade, five years before I would open my first checking account.  It was no surprise to find that I no longer remembered how to balance a checkbook when I finally got one.

Individualized instruction.  That means you don’t have to teach calculus to your daughter who wants to be a writer.  Every hour that you spend on one thing is unavailable for learning another.  Considering that you only get one chance to raise your children, it makes sense to design a specific plan for each one.

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Marilyn is wife to Rick, Mom to 14 children, Nana to 22 grandchildren (and counting!) and homeschooler for 37 years. She and her husband own Character Concepts which they started for the purpose of helping others raise children with a strong, godly character and Biblical worldview.They have developed character curriculum from preschool through high school, based on what they found worked when teaching their own 14 children over the years. Her passion is to help young moms raise kids of character and enjoy the journey!

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