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Here’s an idea from a couple of our customers; we love it!

I’ve always said, if you can turn something dry or mundane into something creative and fun, do it! We’ve looked for ways to do this as we’ve raised our kids. For instance, folding laundry for 16 people can be quite monotonous ( I speak from plenty of experience!). To make the chore more bearable, Kelley, Kasey and I would fold together while we watched an educational video. Sure, it took a little bit longer to get the job done, so we couldn’t do it every time, but sometimes we’d multi-task and stimulate our brains as we got the job done.

In our home, I assigned everyone chores, and certain chores were done on certain days of the week. Everyone except the infants had at least one chore to do. I’d do it with them while training them how to do it properly. But the time comes when they get the process down pat. Always check up to be sure it’s done right, but sometimes there are ways you can make their responsibilities more enjoyable.

So, here’s the idea we heard from two of our customers:

Turn on an Uncle Rick audio for your children to listen to while they do their chores.

“We have bought all the audios that Uncle Rick has made and our five children love them. Our younger ones go to bed listening to them daily and our older ones listen to them while they do their chores. Our 7 year old son can quote scripture because he says “Uncle Rick is so easy to understand.” ~Customer

“Uncle Rick has a special way about him & his way of narrating that makes our son genuinely feel like he’s part of the family. He longs to meet his Uncle Rick someday! And he loves doing chores when he can listen to Uncle Rick while working!” ~Customer

We LOVE this idea.

Share with us your ideas for making chore time more bearable in your home!

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