Q&A: How do you get your children to have interests? Mine just want to play video games all the time.


Question: How do you get your children to have interests? Mine just want to play video games all the time.

Answer: First of all, you really need to limit the time you allow your kids to use video games. It’s just too habit forming and it’s been proven to stunt creativity.  If they just aren’t allowed much time to do it, they will begin to develop other interests.

Get some interesting reading material to have on hand. Plant good books around the house where your kids will easily find them and see if they will pick one up on their own. (sometimes kids are more apt to try something if they feel it was their idea!). Take them to the library and encourage them to explore topics that interest them and meet your approval. If your child doesn’t love to read, give him access to great audiobooks that will take him to new worlds, meet new people, introduce new ideas and concepts. So many of the great thinkers and inventors in American history were avid readers. (such as Benjamin Franklin!) It’s no coincidence!

Secondly, help them find other interests.  Start by involving them in service projects with elderly folks or missionaries, widows, young moms, single moms, or World War II or Korean or Vietnam vets. “Interview” those you minister to and learn what life was like for them, what the veterans sacrificed for our freedom, what life was like when they were young, what ministry missionaries had, how people lived where they ministered, etc.

When you learn to invest in others, it broadens your interests and gives motivation to be of use to others.

Thirdly, search for any interests that may crop up and cultivate that. Try exposing your kids to some creative ideas and see what sparks an interest.

Ask them.

Try something new.

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