Pilgrim and Indian “Hats’ Craft (with printable pattern)


Pilgrim Hat Template - Craft for Kits

My last post had suggestions for teaching your kids about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Here are a few activities I did with my kids every year to help them celebrate Thanksgiving in a way they could relate to:

My kids LOVED to dress up and act out the first Thanksgiving. We eventually bought Pilgrim and Indian costumes and the kids got hours of use from them. (My grandkids are still using them now). Kids retain information so much better when they can act it out and role play.

But if you don’t want to get the entire costume, here are some Pilgrim and Indian hats that are super easy to make:

DIY Indian Hat Kindergarten and Early Grades

(Taken from our Character Concepts for Preschoolers Mom’s Guide)

Pilgrim Hat Template:



  • Hat and band (cut from black paper or foam to size of your child’s head)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or stapler

Use pattern below. Cut the pattern out, following the lines. Lay the cut-out pattern against black construction paper or foam, and cut around it.

Cut a band to go around your child’s head. Glue or staple the band to the hat. Glue on buckle in the front of the hat.

(right click to save image and print as a “full page”)

How to Make Pilgrim Bonnets out of Construction Paper:


  1. Use pattern below.
  2. Cut the pattern out, following the lines.
  3. Lay the cut-out pattern against black construction paper or foam, and cut around it.
  4. Fold back on lines AB and CD.
  5. Fold line AC up to form a hat brim.
  6. Turn the hat over.
  7. Fold up on line EF so Point G covers point H.
  8. Staple the three sections that come together at G, being careful to keep the hat open.
  9. Tie a knot in one end of a piece of yarn or ribbon.
  10. Staple the yarn/ribbon ties (by the knot) at the dots.

(right click to save image and print as a “full page”)

Indian Hat Art Craft:

Indian Headdress

Cut a band of construction or poster paper to fit your child’s head. Using the blank feather template, have your child cut out feathers from colored construction paper and attach to the band.

(right click to save image and print as a “full page”)


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