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organizing tip

Here’s a quick organizing tip I found helpful when my children were growing up:

Most kids love to make (and save!) their ‘special’ papers or drawings and such; you know the ones- not something your child lovingly made for you for a birthday or Mother’s Day. (those are priceless, are they not?!) No, I’m talking about the ones that mom would rather throw in the trashcan to tidy up the house, yet they are of value to your child-  whether it be from an art class, Sunday school, or just a quick creation from home.

But, these various and plentiful papers can add up quickly and turn a dresser or nightstand or an entire room into a mess of papers scattered or piled here and there and everywhere!  Anyone else experience this?

I did not want to hurt my kids’ feelings by making them immediately throw something away that was in some way sentimental to them; something they spent their time on.

So, I bought boxes for all the children to have an under-the-bed treasure box. This is where they could keep their papers they wanted to save.

They were allowed to keep their treasures until the box was full.

At that point, they had to go through the box and throw away what was no longer important to them, making room for more.

This kept all those papers in one designated place, and also allowed the kids to have some control of their own as to what they kept and what they did not. It also did not make them feel like I did not care about something that they did value.

What about you? How do you keep kids’ papers organized in your home?

organizing tip

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  1. I love this idea! Thank you! This was a timely suggestion as I was just yesterday contemplating what to do with my daughter’s room, which is simply overrun with these treasures 🙂 Thank you!

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