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Summer is almost here and I suspect most of you are either finishing up school for the year, or else getting really close- so let’s talk about summer!

What’s the best part of summer for your family?  Is it a family vacation, or trips to the park?  Is it reading in the sun, or making homemade ice cream? What makes summer special in your family?

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Kari Boyer

About Kari Boyer

Kari is married to Rick and Marilyn's son Tim. She is a stay-at-home mom and also homeschools her 4 children. She organizes the Character Concepts blog, sales and marketing. She loves being outside in the garden or helping her husband on the farm. She also loves cooking and fixing up their old farmhouse.

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  1. We’re looking forward to having time to do a little more service during the summer than we are able to do during the school year. We’re also hoping our garden grows well this year. And VBS is looked forward to by all the children!

  2. The best part of this summer will be the addition of a new family member to our family!!! 🙂 We will welcome a baby in June!!

  3. I think the best part of summer for me personally is that I get to clean out shelves of books that have been completed in our homeschool year, yeah! The best part for my 13 year old is that he gets to volunteer more at our local library and attend the many graduation parties that the kids in our very large church are holding and hanging out with great Christian families and their children. Also festivals and occasions in our town are always enjoyed by all.

  4. Our favorite part of summer is not having to do school work, having relaxing mornings and swimming at the pool. Thanks for your giveaway.

  5. The best part of summer is being with family. Whether on my parents farm in Upstate NY or having the inlaws visit and making trips to the ocean. We love being outside!

  6. Our favorite summer events are our week long summer vacation, swimming, and our two boys birthday party.

  7. Our favorite part of summer is getting in the pool and having cook outs on the weekends when dad is off from work.

  8. The best part of summer is the slow paced time of relaxing and watching my children with sun kissed faces play outside until late into the evening! This summer we are traveling with Daddy and enjoying seeing new places!

  9. The best part of summer is swimming at the pool. My 5-yr-old has been asking when we’ll go swimming for months!

  10. In the summer we can go outside without the heavy coats, scarves, mittens, etc. Going places is so much easier! 🙂

  11. The best part of this summer will be taking the kids to NH for a week to see our extended family and have 4th of July in the mountains! We can’t wait! 🙂

  12. Summer: a break from the norm and a chance to be rejuvenated….Sunshine, swimming and reading good books together. Time to do some extra things and catch up on some projects that just aren’t in the schedule/routine during the school year. And…we usually always get to spend several days summer with out of town family members!
    This link to the giveaway is currently now my most recent FB post.
    Thank you!

  13. Thanks for the chance to win! We love all the family road trips we take in the summer, or bonfires in the backyard.

  14. We love all the memory making opportunities summer holds, but we especially love family vacations and working as a family on house projects such as staining the deck or planting flowers!

  15. We love being able to be outside in the summer. Once our morning work is done we spend the majority of the day outside, play, sprinkler, lunch, popsicles or smoothies!

  16. The best part of summer for our family is a family campout including grandparents, six sets of aunts’ and Uncles and all 22 kids. We tent/ trailer camp and enjoy lots of good food, fun games and lots of time together as a family.

  17. The best part is spending more time doing fun outside things like playing in the kiddy pool and gardening!

  18. We love going for walks, going to parks, visiting our local “petting” animals, being outdoors, participating in our library’s summer reading program, spending time at the zoo, picking berries (plus eating them and baking with them!), swimming, and then this summer we look forward to making homemade ice cream! 🙂

  19. The best part of summer is our mission agencies annual conference, fellowshipping and worshiping with missionaries from all over the world.

  20. Outdoor grilling, long walks in the evening, visiting relatives, lounging in the pool, and short getaways make summer a memorable time for our children. We continue some homeschool activities, but we all have a more relaxed approach to it.

  21. I love the summer because I am not working, I’m a public school teacher, and I get to focus solely on my son and his needs. I can’t wait to spend time at the beach, the park, and his favorite place… the library.

  22. Our favorite part of summer is having less scheduled activities going on so that we can spend more time with people we do not normally see very often!

  23. I look forward to outside time as we have been inside way too much the last six months. I also looks forward to seeing my children learn and grow even in a less structured setting.

  24. During the summer I enjoy working in the vegetable garden with my family and seeing my children enjoy playing together in the sun, water, and dirt.

  25. The best things about summer is family reunions and picnics with friends. We love eating corn on the cob, hot dogs, salads, fruit, and desserts that remind you of summer!

  26. The best part about this summer will be my husband’s new work schedule…he’ll have to work seven days straight, but then he’ll have seven days off in a row! Yay for lots of time with Daddy!!

  27. In the summer we relax at the pool. We love reading books and getting involved in our local library reading program. We might go on a trip or two; but we usually take our big trips in the winter. Our July 4th celebration is the best, b/c we can see fireworks right over a cross that sits in my husband’s grandma’s back yard and all of our relatives are there. Something about that day makes our family feel truly blessed.

  28. The best thing about summer is the warm late nights. I love just being outside when it gets dark with both my boys and catching firefly’s and camping in our back yard 🙂

  29. Running down grassy hills, writing with chalk on the driveway, visiting Davis Farmland over and over and never tiring of the feeding and touching the same bunnies and donkey’s and goats. Waking up to the bluest skies and wondering, what great thing can we do today? We love summer!

  30. I’m looking forward to camping with the kids, gardening, and whatever learning happens this summer, and spending more time with read-alouds.

  31. We look forward to spending time outside with family especially hiking with grandparents, swimming with our cousins in their pool, vegetable gardening, celebrating birthdays and attending annual family reunions! This summer is especially exciting because our children will be visiting with Grandma in Virginia!

  32. I love being able to be outside with all the children, watching them delight in what they missed through the cold wintry months. It is also nice to be able to regroup and prepare for the upcoming school year!

  33. I love being outside with my very active toddler! It was a LONG, HARD winter being cooped up inside with her!

  34. Te best part of summer is the later start to our day … 5a turns into 7:30-8a, which makes us all more cheerful.

  35. The best part of summer is taking a couple camping trips, getting to go swimming, and homeschool convention. We actually keep schooling a couple days a week as our schedule of activities allows.

  36. My favorite part of Summer is more time with my husband, play dates, swimming with my kids and watching them grow and discover!

  37. My favorite thing about summer is seeing my son enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. It opens a whole new world for me.

  38. My favorite part of summer is adventuring with my kids. We load up the van early in the morning with trucks, sand toys, or bikes, and then see where the day takes us. Hiking a mountain trail, playing at the beach, or riding bikes at the park. We spend so many months without sun that we soak up as much as we can as often as possible! 🙂

  39. I LOVE the summer! Playing in the yard with my family and swimming in the pool. I adore the long days and evenings sitting outside with my kids talking about bats and watching the planets with our telescope, eating dinner outside and I could go on and on I Love Summer Time.

    I shared this as well 🙂

  40. Our best part of summer is traveling and sharing new adventures with our 3 year okd grandson whom we are raising!

  41. Our favorite part of summer is getting to go home to see family! We’re military and live far from home, but try to make it back over the summer.

  42. What I love most about summr is spending time with my family! We love to go on trails, go to the zoo and museums, have picnics and travel if we are able to!

  43. My husband’s birthday is in the summer and we are expecting our first baby this summer as well. So, this summer vacation, our favorite thing to do will be to celebrate birthdays!

  44. The best thing about summer for our family is the relaxed schedule, and creating a “wish” list together of all the things each one wants to do before the next school year starts – this usually includes things like trips to the beach, having ice cream for supper and taking in local tourist attractions.
    Shared on Facebook!

  45. The best part of summer is spending quality family time. Either on vacation or making more time to do fun family activities. Sharing on Facebook.

  46. We love going to the beach, the pool, the lake, fishing, hiking, and spending time together as a family. Oh and swinging on our porch in the evenings.

  47. Shared on facebook! Also, the best part of summer is going to the pool, vacationing at the beach, going hiking with the family, and of course fishing.

  48. There’s so much to LOVE about summer! WE can relax from school (though we still have some to do), they have lemonade stands, we go to the park and the beach, relax a read books. If we can afford it we go up to the white mountains or fun day trips to places like York’s WIld Kingdom! Lord willing this summer we will be able to attend a big family reunioun, that will be fun!

  49. Our favorite part about the summer is just having tons of fun together in the sun. We picnics at the park, playing in the water, making summer cool treats together, camping and just loving each other.

  50. This summer is extra special, because we just had a new baby girl on Mother’s Day, so we are now a family of 5:) We love the long summer days @ the beach-by the pool-spending time with family and friends-vacation, road trips, friends visiting from out of town and just enjoying fun outdoor activities:) Summertime is my favorite time of year…

  51. My favorite part about summer is getting to spend extra time with our kids, going swimming, taking trips to park and having fun! Having that extra time to spend with them and love on them is simply awesome!!

  52. The best part of our summer WAS going to be getting to go to Europe together as a family to visit my husband’s family. However, due to pregnancy complications (I am 18 weeks pregnant with our third child) it looks like I won’t be able to make the trip. So the best part of the family is going to be enjoying my two sweet girls and gearing up to start homeschool preschool and have a baby in the fall! Would love to use this curriculum as part of our homeschool!

  53. The best part of summer for us is going out on the boat… we love being out on the water no matter what we are doing!

  54. We love the summer! We participate in Bible Bee and spend a lot of time memorizing scripture, doing our sword studies and having fun discussing what we are learning at our family bonfire nights. We plant a big garden and enjoy the planting and harvesting of it as well as picking berries and laying up food for the winter. We love the flexible schedule it allows and I love to just sit outside watching the children play make believe.

  55. The best part about summer for us it that it’s the only time we are a complete family. My step-daughter only gets to visit in the summer and we feel like such a big part of us is missing when she isn’t here. Love to have all our babies home for the summer!

  56. The best part of summer is enjoying warm enough weather to gather with friends and family out of doors…. that’s either here or there or ANYwhere! 🙂

  57. This summer is different for our family. We are blessed and anxiously awaiting our newest family member…we are adopting from Haiti and this summer we will be welcoming our new 5 years old son, Jacques!! We will be praising God all summer for this gift and understanding further God’s adoption of us!

  58. The best part of summer is pretty much the same all year around….being with my family. My husband and I moved to a different star five year ago, and we have no family close, so it’s just us and our kids. I just locebeng with my kids.

  59. The best part of summer is making the local county fair circuits, culminating with visiting the fair my family shows at and I went to as a child. We live in the suburbs, so it’s fun for my kids (and a blessing to my folks) to help with real farm work, then get to try their hand at showing cattle and keeping the barns tidy, etc.

  60. The best part of summer for my family is that we can be a little more lax with bedtime. We can stay up and spend time together as a family more.

  61. The best part is just having a more relaxed schedule. We enjoy working in the garden together and spending afternoons fishing at the lake.

  62. The best part of summer for our family is that my husband doesn’t have to work as many hours. He works 7 days/week in a college cafeteria and usually doesn’t have to work evenings in the summer.

  63. The best part of our summer is definitely going to the beach. It’s full of little traditions we do each year and even though our kids are still young, they talk about it and look forward to it all year long!

  64. The best thing about summer is getting to spend time with our many friends who are not so fortuitous as to be homeschooled! (And going to the beach, of course!)

  65. The best part about summer is we move a lot slower. Appointments are at a minimum and we are free to go at our own pace and enjoy things more.

  66. Our favorite thing about summer is just being with my family as we have late summer nights and late mornings. Roasting marshmallows and bbqing ….not necessarily having a schedule or any obligations. : )

  67. The best part of summer for my family is picnics at several different parks and rivers. We love spending time relaxing and investigating the wonders of nature.

  68. Summer is the time when we get time together without obligations. We enjoy the sun, the shade, and the pool at Grandma’s. Fireworks and homemade icecream, sunscreen and bug spray. I am so very ready.

  69. The best part of summer is running through the sprinklers or the fountains downtown, reading books for the library summer program, going to the parks, just relaxing.

  70. The best part of summer for us is attending Vacation Bible School. We try to attend 2 or 3 different ones. It is a chance to spend a couple of days in a row over a couple weeks to learn about God.

  71. The best part of summer is being lazy together and doing fun things together more regularly. Last summer I planned out all three months with fun things to do and most of that went out the window – but we still had a list to reference on a daily basis when we wanted to get out!

    • Mrs. June Fuentes- YOU WON!! Congrats!
      I will email you so you can get us your address so we can get your prize in the mail!!

  72. We’re looking forward to a more relaxed schedule – picnics, time at parks, water play, visits with friends and family.

  73. Our favorite part of summer is camping. We try and go 2-3 times during the summer to various places no more than 2 hrs away. My husband loves the time away from work and to just be with his family with no distractions. My children love to fish, swim, hike, smores at night around the fire playing games, and have knife throwing competitions when we camp. We all love being outside enjoying God’s creation.

  74. The best part of our summer is the bountiful harvest of our gardens and seeing our family enjoy our hard work! Oh, and doing all that good work out of doors!

  75. The best part of summer is the relaxed schedule! We school year round, but summer mean playtime first before it gets too hot to be outside!

  76. Spending time with my kids doing activities like swimming, camping, fishing, even simply mowing grass is what makes our summer special. Time together with one another.

  77. The best part of summer for our family is slowing down from our homeschool year. This gives us more time to be creative and just enjoy our time together as a family. With the older helping the younger learn new skills- Mom sitting a bit more to just hold and read to the little ones. We just cherish more family time as we sit back relax and enjoy the summer…

  78. The best part of my summer is curriculum planning in the fall by the pool. Kids are playing happily and I can enjoy the warm air, a cool lemonade and make my plans for the upcoming year.

  79. My children and I thoroughly enjoy participating in the library reading program and then, as a tradition, we use the coupons they earn to have a progressive dinner/fun night!

  80. Our favourite part of Summer is all of the great Bible Quiz events we get to participate in. Our family is involved with National Teen Bible Quiz and we look forward to the tournaments, National Finals, Quiz Camp and a BQ Outreach for the community.

  81. Our family loves to swim in the summer, but our FAVORITE thing about summer is that our city hosts free outdoor symphony concerts that are very kid-friendly! Their favorite is the 4th of July celebration, we listen to wonderful classical music, eat ice cream and play on the grass and then the concert ends with real cannon fire!

  82. Summer means warm weather! Or at least the warmest weather you are going to get in Maine. A break from formal schooling. Going to Grammy & Grampa’s pool for swimming, barbecue’s and fun! Going to the ocean! We LOVE the ocean! Playing in the waves, making sand castles, and walking the beach for treasures! Going to the beach everyday for a month to swimming lessons and playing while waiting for siblings lessons! (and my big sister teaches them!) Biking as a family. The kids get to stay up later, because it is lighter. Extended family party get togethers. Whatever Floats Your Boat Race for forth of July with pulled pork and old fashioned relays and games with prizes! Annual Family Reunion Lobster Picnic in Damariscotta, Maine. Started in about 1964 by my Uncle and has been going strong since. My uncle steams lobsters in his backyard in a homemade big something filled with seaweed. We also have clams, potatoes, onions, eggs and corn on the cob. With the leftover lobster my Aunt makes homemade lobster stew for the end of the day. Maine free Lighthouse Day. Maine Farm Day. Exploring Maine…there are lots of places to go and I have lived here for over 40 years! Maybe in a few years we will be able to go for another weekend family excursion with my family. ( 47 and counting ) A few years ago we took a car boat ferry and went to Vinalhaven, an island off Maine. My parents rented some cabins and we had an awesome time! We have also gone White Water Rafting together and many other fun excursions in Maine. I would miss Maine if I didn’t live here!

  83. One of the highlights of Summer is our extended family vacation. My parents, sisters and their families (from six different states), along with my husband and our children get together and go to a family resort for a week long vacation. Last Summer everyone was able to make it and we had thirty of us together to celebrate our parents 60th anniversary. lots of time spent fishing, playing at the beach, board games and just enjoying spending time together as a family.

  84. The best part of summer is the more relaxed schedule and swimming! Also, it is summer camp with the youth group we work with, so that is a highlight 🙂

  85. The best part about summer for our family is the much needed break from homeschooling! We love to rest and relax so that we can get re-excited about school in the fall. A bonus this summer is that we are about to welcome our 6th baby into this world. We get to love on her all summer!!!

  86. One of the neat things we do during summer time is going to CHEA convention! We really enjoy listening to the speakers and getting great deals on books in used curriculum sale=0)

  87. Our family loves camping…we all take our turns in helping prepare and cook over the campfire. Of course, smores would have to be the best part! It’s a time to connect as a family and spend time together.

  88. The best part of Summer for our family is going to Knott’s Berry Farm. We all have a blast on the rides and enjoy the food and shopping. We get to unwind and just have fun spending time together.

  89. We look forward to the summer Reading program at the Library- it is fun reaching goals and the kids winning prizes. We always try to make some kind of adventure- this year we are looking into Letterboxing!

  90. The best part of summer is our trip Kodiak, Alaska with my in-laws. We travel on a ferry to our little home away from home. We visit friends, help out at church & help Grandma & Grandpa with their bed and breakfast. We have so much fun as a family.

  91. Our favorite parts of summer are getting together with friends, swimming, catching everything from fireflies to bullfrogs and just enjoying a slower pace of life!

  92. The best part of our summer is going to the summer movies and doing special things together. We also love going to the pool. I think our favorite memory is the fourth of july though.

  93. The best part of summer will be moving to our new home. we love the relaxed days and extra playtime outside with friends and pool time! We are also planning a vacation getaway : )

  94. Answer: This summer, we will be welcoming our 3rd child!! Another boy! We are excited to soon get settled into life as a family of 5. I am on bed rest right now and my husband is having surgery on the 30th, so we are very grateful that, Lord willing, come summertime, we will be able to share many special memories together as a family! We are also hoping to do some homeschool field trips: visiting a butterfly garden, hiking to beautiful waterfalls, and my favorite, going on multiple picnics!

    Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win. We are prayerfully considering CC for our young children to go along with training our children in the Lord.

    God Bless,


  95. Family Camping trips are the highlight of our summer! Thank you for the chance to win – I’ve been considering this curriculum for our two little boys.

  96. We school throughout the summer but summer is special because we get to visit with family that lives out of town.

  97. This summer will be different from any other for our family. We are anxiously awaiting summer in order to visit with our firstborn who graduated our home school December 31st. ( He is going to A & P school in Colorado and doing exceptionally well, by the way. Their first home schooler!) Having the firstborn graduate is a portion of our success – but seeing thier character shine when they are 1,800 miles away brings peace and joy to our hearts.

  98. Vacation Bible School (we visit several churches) and summer camp are what our children look forward to. They love the fellowship and time delving into His word. As they get older and can’t do VBS they become the leaders and enjoy remembering the excitement and pass it on to the younger children. In between, is when we do our “heavy” schooling as the summers are HOT here. Our fall-spring is more relaxed and activity and travel related.

  99. The best part of summer is the relaxation that we experience. We do summer reading programs which we enjoy. We take day trips. We just relax and enjoy one another! We spend time wih family also! Thank you for the chance to win this! It looks awesome!

  100. The best part of summer is the music concerts at the park. We pack up snacks and chairs and spend the evening as a family listening to good music and watching children perform.

  101. Our family enjoys taking a family vacation, usually local, like holding and feeding gators or a drive-thru zoo! It makes you really appreciate the size and power of the animals God made. We also enjoy making ice cream, playing at the beach, and lots of swimming!

  102. the best part of summer for our family is enjoying a different season, being outdoors, enjoying going barefoot and going to the park with friends! We constantly marvel at God, creating all of His beautiful creation, and us, and allowing us to enjoy simple things like green grass!

  103. Our favorite thing about summers is our family vacation to the beach! It is our time to get away from every day distractions and enjoy spending time as a family!

  104. As a family, we love to go on a summer vacation and just have time to play together and re-connect. My husband is a CPA and we don’t see him much from February through the end of April. The summer trip always helps us to look forward to some great family time together.

  105. Our big highlight is camping. We love being out in God’s creation and simplifying…sleeping under the stars, eating over the fire, listening to the birds, swimming, hiking, telling stories and singing around the campfire, and no technology!

  106. The best part of summer is probably the more relaxed schedule that not doing school affords us. Time outside is so much fun also -I also have to confess my favorite part may be the annual local CHRISTian homeschool convention! :). It’s my one mini vacation and encouragement to step up and get excited about next year!

    I would share this on Facebook – however we have chosen to do to FB with our family right now!!! Someday I want to get some o f your character curr. Would love to win it! Wonderful – we enjoyed having Rick at CHEO last year and hearing him speak!!!!


  107. Oops, I accidentally commented on someone else’s comment! Anyway, as I said, my kids love the summer for swimming with friends and family. And I enjoy the relaxed pace and beauty of God’s creation.

  108. We love being able to connect with all our friends and family members who are not usually available during the rest of the year. It’s fun to go on field trips, meet at the splash pad, have pool parties, etc. We also enjoy, since we school year round, making school time more fun during the summer. We watch educational videos, have fun with science, and we read a ton!

  109. Our favorite thing about summer is all the outdoor time. We explore, ride our bikes in the dirt hills nearby and we love to swim.

  110. It seems like summer is so much more relaxing around here, there is not so much running around here and there. We actually have time to enjoy each other. I wish this summer what not come to end though, because my husband will be leaving for a long time.

  111. (I also shared this on facebook under my fb name, Anna Arvidson Pearce – what a nice idea – thank you for doing this!)

  112. Last year was really hard in many ways – our family was going through a lot of things. So last summer we made it a priority to focus on our children, doing as many relaxing family activities as we could – camping in the backyard, going on walks, dragging out the paddling pool, doing fun homemade science experiments. We were still going through a tough time as this was going on, but our family togetherness was such a blessing, and we hope to do the same this summer – free, easy, relaxing, fun together days. 🙂

  113. This year will be our first as a foster family with 3 under 5, our oldest boy just graduated high school and will be going to college in the fall. I want to show these children fun, love and God. We are going to do beach activities, park activities and we live on a farm, so spring brought us babies. Summer has always been about warming up and working hard, but having tons of fun. 24 hours of sun with fresh fish is great, but being able to do it with the family is best!

  114. My favorite thing about Summer is having lazy, fun play days as a family! My husband is a school teacher so he has summers off leaving us free time to camp, play slip-n-slide in the yard, take day trips, visit parks and the beach and fit in as much fun family time as we can! We love summer!! 🙂

  115. We love being outdoors! So hiking, tide pool hikes, park, we also love doing school outside as well. We have been looking at this cirriculum, and really think we would enjoy it. We REALLY want to try it out. We have purchased uncle rick reads the proverbs, my girls like listening to it so much. WE HOPE WE WIN!! WE HOPE WE WIN!!

  116. We still homeschool during the summer, but we enjoy the outdoors a lot more. Every year we take a few camping trips. We BBQ and enjoy movie nights under the stars.

  117. We enjoy the summer for the slower pace. We are able to set aside what we consider the extras in our day “math, science, language arts, history.” and spend time doing a bible study. We are intentional on the one thing that stays in our summer is time and connection with God and fun with each other.

  118. Camping, even if it’s just in our backyard is a highlight of our summer! Last year we spent a few days camping at a state park with my husband’s family. The kids still talk about that trip and ask when we are going again!

  119. I love three slower pace… Summer is filled with trips to the beach and the library. Gardening with lots of helpers and reading on our picnic blanket…so much to do and enjoy!

  120. BUGS, BUGS, BUGS…roley poley families ( love the babies), ladybugs, ants, crickets, grasshoppers, praying mantises, and any others we find. Living in CO, we don’t have many “scary” ones. My kids will hunt for and play with these guys for hours. They build them homes, use scissors to cut them grass, give them water, and make them beds. We also love day-cations to the mountains. 🙂 There are so many things small and large, from ants to mountains, to thank God for everyday!!

  121. With 4 kids 7 and under we just enjoy going to different parks in the city and meeting up with friends and families to enjoy fellowship and the outdoors. We also look forward to seeing family as one of the grandparents often visit in the summer and we go places we don’t normally go!

  122. The best part of our summer is participating in the National Bible Bee. This year we are co-hosting a local bee, so it should be extra fun!

  123. The best part of summer for us is sitting around a campfire in the backyard roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

  124. The best part of summer for our family this year will be being close to family and friends again. We just moved back to AZ from being gone for four years. We now are close to family and friends again so that means that there will be more BBQ’s and hanging with them.

  125. we plan to teach each child new chores (as the Boyers recommend) so we can rotate the chores a bit. we also love to read books that we can read for hours instead of just little by little through the year. we love to vacation at the beach and visit with grandparents. gardening is a must as well. thanks boyers!

  126. I am greatly looking forward to this summer with our kids. We will be taking a trip to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Some whom we have not seen in over a year! Our family also enjoys spending time at the creek fishing and picking blackberries. Sometimes the simpler times are the best of times!

  127. Honestly, I think that just the slower pace is the best part of summer. I just feel this “ahhhhhhh. . . . ” when our school year winds down, and we can dedicate the time to “teaching” other concepts, like gardening, food preparation, and ironically, character development. I have a son on the autism spectrum, so we spend time on social skills as a family, and use those old Joy Berry books on character/social skills development. It just seems like during the school year there is so much “book learning” that I don’t have as much time to focus on that. We also do more field trips in the summer, and try to take a few little trips as a family to not too far destinations. May you all have a blessed summer!

  128. Our family takes very random, on a moments notice, 2-to-3-day camping trips throughout the summer. We go to the spray parks with friends and picnic during the hot summer days. Summertime is always our favorite time of year!

  129. Posted to Facebook!
    We enjoy traveling to see family and participating in “cousins camp” at grandma and grandpas! We only see our cousins once or twice a year, so it’s a lot of fun! We also love camping and swimming!

  130. The best part of summer to us is taking it easy. But our kids enjoy fun in the sprinkler and home made snow cones.

  131. We love doing fun things together as a family, such as, going to the beach, playing in various playgrounds in Central Park. As long as we’re together, it’ll be a great time!!

    I also shared the giveaway on FB! 🙂

  132. The best part of this summer will be the birth of our fourth little blessing! Can’t wait! We also have a family celebration on the first day of summer where we stay outside all day, have water balloon fights, have a scavenger hunt for flip flops and sunglasses, and grill out for every meal.

  133. The best part of summer for my family is all the time we can spend outside–swimming, gardening, playing, campfires, sleeping in the tent, visiting with neighbors, picnics, going on walks, riding bike–this is summer for us

  134. The best part about summer is enjoying getting outside, roasting marshmallows, playing in the creek and just being together.

  135. The best part of summer is being able to slow down and just relax. We eat dinner outside, enjoy the warn summer evenings, make snow cones. E also do a lure of fun outings with friends…the beach, parks, crafts. Love summertime.

  136. What we love most about summer… longer, relaxed days, ice cream on the town square in the evenings, our children playing in the water, spending more time with friends and family outside, and tuckered out kids who sleep well at night!

  137. We LOVE summer as we have a lot of time for walks and time at the park. Just being outside is such a blessing after a long winter. This summer will be extra special as baby number 8 is due to arrive in June. The kids are really excited that we don’t have to do school after baby comes!!! I have loved the products that we have used of the Boyers and also the encouragement that we have received from the books that we have read.

  138. Our family most looks forward to weekends at my parents lake cabin! My great grandpa built the cabin so it is a place my dad grew up going to & then a place I grew up loving & I’m so glad that it is also my kids favorite place to go!

  139. We enjoy not having to do school work every day. We have time to play games, go to the park, swim and go on vacation. It’s a time that is less demanding. So we enjoy each others company. We have a garden that we work together in.

  140. Long evenings are the best part for us. We can stay up later and enjoy the cooler weather together instead of getting everyone to bed. The more relaxed schedule makes it so I can really enjoy this time with the kids.

  141. I would say the best part of summer is the joy of boys who can spend all day outside again. I love summer with it’s extra time for reading, playing at the park, spontaneous learning, trips with Daddy, but I think the best part is watching how much joy fills my boys as they have the ability to be outside all day long, freely choosing what to play or work on. I’m so excited at the opportunity to win this giveaway! Thank you for all you do to encourage parents to teach their kiddos character. 🙂

  142. The best part about summer for our family is the more relaxed days. My older children love to spend time in books…..sleeping in a bit later, going to the park….it’s so much fun! We are doing some school through the summer this year though, but still plan on taking a much more relaxed approach. 🙂

  143. The best part about summer at our house is everyone working on the garden together…laughing as we see which child can actually catch a squash bug with their bare hands or pick the largest tomato!

  144. We love catching fireflies and the more relaxed pace of summer. We also enjoy visiting many of the local parks and sometimes catching a Shakespeare in the Park production.

  145. The best part of summer at our house is celebrating the 4th of July! It’s our family’s BIG holiday of the year. Homemade ice cream, fire works, birthday celebration, and lots of swimming at the lake. We look forward to it all year long! Also, fireflies…gotta love watching the kids chase fireflies 🙂

  146. Our favorite part of summer is spending more fun time together as a family, whether it be at the beach, the zoo, the park, or the local frozen yogurt store. Sometimes we go camping or on a vacation, too. The kids also LOVE swimming and look forward to it all year long.

  147. For the summer we love fishing, hiking, and spending as much time outdoors as we can! We live in the middle of the mountains in Colorado so our summers are nice and not humid! My kids love being outside! My hubby actually has a job now that will allow him to have weekends off for the first time since we moved here so we are really looking forward to spending time together as a family this summer!

  148. For me, the best part is that many of the outside activities are over until the fall. We can spend the summer relaxing and recharging our batteries.

  149. Summers are interesting for us. We have a family run business in construction. We have more work this time of year. With the economy we have had a rough couple of years, but we are praying that this summer will bring us up.
    We are also very active in the political arena…so getting out at parades, fairs, etc. is big in our household. We usually go to a few different homeschool conventions, but this year we will do only 1…we are thankful!
    We love to go to the lake down the road and have picnics and just relax after a hard days work!!

  150. We love staying at my in-laws trailer, which is right on the beach! It was tight as a family of 5, and as of this past fall, we are a family of 7! Lots of fond memories made under that tiny roof! 😉

  151. Our favorite part about summertime is being able to enjoy outdoors, swimming and spending time together as a family. We also enjoy going out to Colorado to visit our family.

  152. Our favorite part of summertime is spending time together outdoors, either in the garden, camping or on vacation.

  153. Summer trips and lots of play dates with good friends and family that we couldn’t enjoy during the school year!

  154. We love just spending time together doing anything and everything!
    The warmer weather allows for so many outdoor activities that we enjoy.
    Its also the time we tackle extra projects around the house.

  155. Watching the kids play, run around, swim, wrapping big towels around them when they are done swimming, going on walks, and just plain relaxing a little!!!

  156. Our family’s favorite part of summer is growing and harvesting our garden, getting to see how God created all the different veggies and flowers to grow from such tiny seeds, and learning new ways to preserve and new recipes to enjoy the blessings God grows!

  157. The best part of summer is the being able to enjoy being outside. We live in New England and the winter is cold, cold, cold. I love letting our girls just explore the outdoors. We have a dirt pile in our backyard that they spend hours digging and making me mud pies with flowers for decorations. I also love traveling to see family and friends, and sharing memories over good food and bonfires.

  158. Our favorite part of summer is getting to different studies that we normally don’t get to during the “school year”. We try to find the things they are interested in learning about & let them do a more in depth study.

  159. THe best part of summer for our family is church camp. THe whole family attends and spends a week in worship, recreation, and fun with other families. The children’s favorite part of church camp is the camp store where they can get drinks and candy for 25 cents!! We have to go on a sugar fast when we get home! 🙂

  160. I shared about the give away on facebook. I use Character Concepts with our young adopted sons and it is making a huge difference in their character already!

  161. The best part about summer is feeling like we can relax with no deadlines. Camping and hiking, being outdoors together enjoying God’s goodness.

  162. Our favorite part about summer is playing in the kids’ pool in our backyard to cool off on hot summer days.

  163. We love camping together, the more desolate the better. We love bonding together in nature free of the distractions of our modern world!

  164. We look forward to the end of the school year every year! It’s great to just get up in the morning and just head outside to work in the garden, play, read or whatever comes our way. We live on a dairy farm, so there’s always something to go do!

  165. It is H.O.T. for us in the summer. One of my favorite things about summer are popsicles for no reason – just to cool off – they are always received with much cheer – and because we are not snacky, dessert at every meal kind of people, they are a special treat!

  166. We love summer! Some of our favorite things to do during the summer are taking bike rides, gardening, camping, and grilling.

  167. Summertime for us is about playing outside until dark, digging in the garden, eating lots of fresh vegetables, swimming, and enjoying being with each other. We evaluate are current school schedule and curriculum, accomplish some deep cleaning, and address character issues in us and the children. It is a time for mom to catch up on reading also;-)Our family loves summer!

  168. The best part of summer is spending time together enjoying our family. Our kids work so diligently feuding the school year that it is nice to reward them with things that we usually do not get to do during our normal school day. Being outside and discovering things together is so much fun. We just spent several days this week out at the great-grandparent’s farm going on chuck wagon rides, exploring the 40 acres, seeing the horses, throwing rocks in the creek, having an evening picnic in the beauty of the cool of the day, and playing games and spending time together. We love the family that God blessed us with and want our kids to value and honor these relationships.

  169. The best thing about summer for our family is family vacations to take time away and make memories together.

  170. I love the slower pace of summer and the extra time to do some things we love to do but don’t have time for during the school year. I love just spending extra time together as a family!

  171. We enjoy all of the EXTRA hard work required in the summer, in addition to all of the REGULAR work we already do! Specifically mowing the lawn for hours and tending the huge garden. (I am being sarcastic.) No, really, it gives out younger children a chance to step up their responsibilities and “help out.” They like to pick the strawberries ; ) They really do get a chance to feel like they are contributing… and earn a little bit of money! Great lessons learned!

  172. Having had a looooong winter, we are ready for nice, sunny days. My husband & son are working on a project creating a trailer so we can pack our camping grear and go camping more often. I am blessed to see them working on this project & am excited to see the end result of their work.

  173. Summer means road trips with dad, camping out in the backyard, s’mores and b-b-q’s with friends, trips to the pond, lake, river or pool, gardening with the neighbors, popcycles, ice cream, reading, reading, reading, trips to the library, nights looking at the stars and catching fireflies in jars. Summer is sweet family time and building relationships with dear friends.

  174. Summer is a time of sweet memory making! Our favorite part is to watch our family garden grow and harvest the goodies. The children love to set up a roadside stand and give away the delicious cucumbers, beans and herbs. Our family also enjoys making big pitchers of sweet sun tea!

  175. One of the best parts of summer is enjoying the warm weather! We are going to be putting up a pool this summer and teaching the kids to swim. It will be an exciting summer for us! We also cook out a lot, sleep out in our camper in the backyard; it’s the best campground around! Have a lot of campfires and enjoy our friends when they come over. We also have a big campout in our yard on Labor Day weekend with friends and family bringing their campers and tents and have a weekend long celebration!!

  176. The best part of Summer for us is getting in the water outside in the sun and eating fresh fruits and veggies.

  177. Summer is a chance for me to take a break from the school schedule. It is so nice not having to worry about making sure everything gets done. And it’s great to spend more fun time with the kids!

  178. Each summer we participate in the National Bible Bee. We love learning God’s Word together as a family, and it has brought us closer to the Lord and each other. It is definitely the biggest blessing of each summer!

  179. We love spending time in the pool, outside enjoying the sunshine, walks, bike rides, no schedule, no hectic pace, just enjoying God’s beautiful, wonderful creation!!

  180. Our favorites are swimming, eating ice cream and staying outside a lot later! A new one we’re trying this year is riding our bikes to the local children’s museum. Hopefully that will be a new favorite!

  181. Our favorite summer activities are spending time together whether playing in the pool, time with extended family, or travelling…

  182. Love being outside all day in the sun and going out for ice cream. I could do that everyday:) and my daughter could too.

  183. We enjoy going to the beach every summer, sitting on the back yard swing and reading together and going for walk in the evening as a family.

  184. We like just all being together and being outside…we like to walk up to a closeby park and hike.
    (I shared it on facebook, thanks!)

  185. The best part of summer for our family is getting outside and enjoying the beautiful summer days – going for bike rides, grilling out, camping, gardening. We love the sweet fellowship with friends and family as we share in many of these activities together.

  186. We enjoy time at the pool and the beach especially. We have spent the last 2 summers moving so now that we’ve settled into our new home we are looking forward to lots of last minute BBQs with friends and neighbors.

  187. We enjoy the “fly by the seat of our pants” feel of summer. We never know what the day will bring. The children like to pursue hobbies that they are able to do during the year, but are able to indulge more in over the summer. I just like watching them, soaking up the moments.

  188. We love picnics at the Peaks of Otter! During the summer it’s not as hot up there- always a nice getaway!

  189. We love going to the DE beaches or just relaxing around the neighbor’s pool! Can’t wait for some more sunshine to warm the waters!

  190. Shared! I love the long days of summer, being outside with my grandchildren and eating homemade ice cream!

  191. One of the best parts about summer for us is the time to enjoy the outdoors in God’s creation! We spend a lot of days at the beach, helping our friends taste test and pick their garden’s bounty and visting local berry farms to stock up the freezer for the rest of the year. My boys always make quite an adventure out of the picking days out in the country!

  192. My kids’ favorite part of summer is spending afternoons at the swimming pool. I am looking forward to visits from my family who live far away.

  193. The best part of summer for our family is being able to downshift a few gears. This particular summer, we will be preparing for the unexpected blessing of a new baby!

  194. I love the relaxed feeling of summer. I enjoy being able to spend more time with my husband who is a school teacher. This summer we are making it a priority to go to the park down the street and make friends with more of our neighbors.

  195. My family enjoys the springtime because we finish school early. My girls take on a portion of thegarden to claim as their own. Growing food for the family is fun and hard work. But when we see it on the table, each child is proud of their accomplishment. Summer is atime we can be all togeter doing activities we all enjoy. Most of the winter we are tucked away doing schoo inour rooms. Summer gives us achance for special days. We bike, swim, and play together. I personal lile the water ballons and the spontaneous laughter that follows. It is great to be alive and enjoy God,s creation especially with family.

  196. Well, if you ask our boys, I’m sure they would say…FISHING! We also love the cookouts we often have after church on Sunday evenings.
    Another favorite summer time activity for our family is at the end of summer, we go camping with our older children and their families. We love the bike rides, fishing, and hobo pies!
    We love family coming home when they can to visit, which usually happens more often in the summer, and this year is special, for we will have a family reunion here at home with all eight children and their spouses and 15 grandchildren!!
    Then to wrap up the end of summer, we can’t forget the fair! We’ll take our dairy goats which we have for 4-H projects (beside enjoying the benefits of fresh goat milk 🙂 ). The boys love clipping, grooming, and showing them.

  197. The best part of the summer in our family starts next week when we gather 5 families together from all over the country to enjoy vacation together. But the best part of that is our Sunday morning worship time as a family of 16!

  198. We enjoy the month of July when Daddy is off work – we school year round but we try to take off most of July so we can play with Daddy and tackle house projects that we don’t get to other times of the year and we try to set aside at least one day a week to visit an area attraction we may not see otherwise

  199. We really enjoy doing all the outside fun things together and I try to not be the “party pooper” mom that I am sometimes, but really join in the fun of water fights, soap bubbles and whatever. Thinking they are young only once.

  200. The best part of summer is having a more open and relaxed schedule to do fun things together. Our homeschool group and all of our church small groups take a break for the summer, so we have fewer places to drive to. We have time to catch up on the fun projects we didn’t get to during the year – cooking, art lessons, music. Or go to the park, play in the creek, etc. I have 5 boys and I encourage them to spend as much time outside as possible!

  201. The best part of summer for our family is being outdoors together! We love to play, read, walk, play football, run, eat BBQ, pray, sing, dance and just sit and hug. At the moment in England it is unusually cold, so we are in jumpers and coats! We also use umbrellas a lot, as the norm, lol…

  202. For my girls the best parts of summer are the free summer movies, slower pace and more relaxing days. Enjoying time at the pool and spending days at Kings Island.

  203. When I was a kid, the best part of summer was getting out of school. My siblings and I went to public school and we couldn’t wait to just sit around all summer watching cartoons in the morning, then going outside the rest of the day. Summer meant sweet freedom!
    But my children are home schooled and we don’t see summer in the same way. We look forward to getting out of the house in spring/summer from the winter shut-in. Although we school year round, we take full advantage of the beautiful weather to visit places, fellowship with friends and just take in the sunshine 🙂 Summer is a time to enjoy the days, even though we still have to finish up our school year.

  204. The best part of summer vacation is reading with my family, enjoying each other, and getting to spend time with my kids. We love visiting family and going on drives.

    • For my kids, the best part of summer is swimming with friends and family. For me, it’s the relaxed pace, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

    • The best part of summer for our family is having a more relaxed schedule. We also love to go camping as much as possible.

    • The best part of summer vacation is camping, bonfires and summer reading programs. I love to see what they have each year. We have lived in different area for many different summers so we got to see different things.

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