How YOUR Family can share the Gospel this Christmas!

nativityChristmas is about the Gospel. Christmas is also a time of year that is full of opportunities to share this good news. I have listed just a few ideas that you might find doable for your family this season. These are activities and projects that have become traditions in our family each Christmas. Maybe at least one of these will spark your interest. Include your whole family. Take the time to do it!
~Every year we make Christmas cookies and take them to the Emergency Services people in our community, volunteer fire departments, sheriff’s departments, rescue squad. We include a note to express our appreciation and  to thank them for their services in behalf of our community as well as a gospel tract.
~Each year we make nativity cookies for neighbors, a Christmas card and gospel tract. We had one lady tell us, whose  Dad we have given these cookies for years, and who is not a Christian , how he always tells her we’ve come and how that opens the door to her to share the gospel again with him. The past couple of years we make cookies and take them to veterans as well. We’ve focused on World War II vets as they won’t be with us many more years. It’s a great way to honor them and open a door to share the gospel.
~It has been our tradition to try to find a family who is struggling financially at Christmas time, maybe a single mom or a family who’s Dad’s been out of work, or a family who has a child with leukemia or another life threatening disease and bring presents for each family member. Each person chooses a gift for one of them. Young children can make them gifts as well. Again, it’s a fabulous way to share the gospel.
~We have in years past gone Christmas caroling to shut-ins in their home or even the nursing home. It means so much to them! We plan to do this again this year as well. We usually combine the singing with bringing them a Christmas treat- cookies, a poinsetta, etc
~During the years when we had lots of neighbors with young children, our children would deliver a wrapped Picture Bible to each household that had young children. The Picture Bible is a great tool for sharing God’s Word with another family in a non-threatening way. It was always received with gratitude and God only knows how it may have softened a child’s hear to the gospel.

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