Helping Your Children Hide God’s Word In Their Hearts~Part 2



Help Your Kids Learn The WordHere is another practical way to help teach God’s word to your children:

3. CD’s – This is something we just kind of stumbled upon, but one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways of teaching kids not only to memorize, but how to meditate as well. When our oldest were very small, Rick worked during the day and was gone till almost bedtime for the kids.

He came up with the idea of recording Scripture for them so he could have more of a part in their lives. As he came to difficult words, he would stop and explain what they meant, looking them up when need be.

He also told example stories to illustrate what the verses were talking about. For instance,  in Proverbs 6:13 it talks about how the man who winks with his eyes, who signals with his feet and points with his fingers, is planning evil. He gives an example of a man who is planning to steal valuables from a rich lady and how he signals to his buddy when it’s safe to enter. He then warns them that you should beware if you see people acting like that. As he talked about the Scriptures and reflected on what they meant, it was actually teaching the kids how to meditate on what they heard. We were astonished to find that our kids began to learn volumes of Scripture without even trying! We would play the recordings at nap time and bedtime. It didn’t take too long before we started to say a verse they’d been listening to and found that the kids could finish it. Not only that, they remembered it long term!

As our kids began to grow older, they found that God’s Word (maybe verses they never consciously remembered learning) would  come back to them in a time of need. Remember, God’s Word never returns void and we see this verified in their lives. We initially began doing it so Rick could have more input in their lives, but we found the results to be manifold!

• They learned God’s Word

• They had a “teacher” to show them how to meditate on it

• Scripture built Biblical worldview as they heard it SO much until it began to become a part of their thinking. As they became very familiar with passages he recorded, he began to record more passages

• Scripture began to take root in their hearts and affect their decisions and their view of life. The Bible has the answers for EVERY problem you will ever face. As you become familiar with it, it becomes the guidebook for life so you don’t have to rely on your own feelings to guide you

• A side benefit was, since they listened to God’s Word every night and fell asleep listening, they hardly ever had nightmares. We never would have thought of that benefit!

• The last thing they hear before they go to sleep is God’s Word. It is comforting to hear truth. God’s Word is our security. Several of our babies would fuss and squirm as we laid them down to sleep until their Bible recording was turned on and then they’d settle right down

• Currently I’m listening to the Psalms at night. It’s not just for kids. If there’s a crazy day, and  you didn’t get in all your devotions, listen as you go to sleep

We’ve made the following recordings, and here’s why we chose them:

Proverbs-it’s the most practical book ever written, everyday life stuff

Psalms contains the whole spectrum of human emotion and how to manage it-                                                                           ex. Remember past answers to prayers, things God has done, etc

Matthew- one of the gospels- Jesus time on earth, Jesus own’ words, instructions to us, etc

James– understanding temptation, how to control our words, the power of our words, wisdom in relationships, how to deal with conflicts, etc

I Peter relationships within the family/church

Next week, we’ll finish up this series. I hope it’s been helpful to you.


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