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Preschool-Thursdays-YogurtThought I’d share with you one of our favorite recipes that I’ve included in my Mom’s Guide for Preschoolers. 

This is an easy, good-for-you recipe that my preschoolers LOVED to help me make and then, of course, eat.  

Fruit Yogurt Pops


  • 2/3 cups yogurt, flavor of your choice
  • 2 generous Tbsp. honey
  • 1 cup strawberries or fruit of your choice


  • Place yogurt in blender.
  • Blend, adding 1 strawberry at a time until smooth.
  • Add honey and blend.
  • Fill plastic popsicle molds with mixture and secure lids.
  • Freeze until solid.

Enjoy on a warm summer day!

Get more great recipes from Marilyn Boyer’s book, Homemade with Love, Treasured Family Recipes

Here is what one mother shared about her experience using the recipes from Homemade with Love:

   Homemade with Love is like sitting down and thumbing through Mrs. Boyer’s personal recipe box (especially when she shares a memory with a recipe)…and you know those types of boxes are filled with tried-and-true family favorites!  I was amazed at how many recipes were quick, easy and kid-friendly.  Most of the recipes called for items that we usually have on hand making this cookbook extra practical.  The pictures included with some of the recipes were helpful and showed me that my food doesn’t have to look like a fancy Food Network dish in order for it to be a big hit with my family.  And, after making homemade crescent rolls for the first time following Mrs. Boyer’s easy recipe, I doubt we will ever buy crescent rolls from a blue can again!
Since we are family of three (compared to feeding the Boyer’s 14 children) plus deal with severe nut allergies in our home, I wasn’t sure how well this cookbook would fit our lifestyle.  But I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find that the majority of the recipes did not make super-large quantities nor included a lot of nuts.  The recipes that include nuts are ones that we can substitute and still have a great dish.  It was an extra bonus to find a cookbook that gave us a lot of new recipes that we could use as written.  Homemade with Love has quickly become my favorite “go-to” for fast, delicious recipes that I know my family will like!

~ Amy

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