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by CRYSTAL on MARCH 01, 2013

Character TrailsIf you’re a mom of young ones and you’ve been over to my house in the past few months, you’ve probably heard me talk about Marilyn Boyer’s Character books. I can’t help myself; I love them.

And it’s just not me who loves them. My children adore these books.

We read Crossroads of Character last year and Silas (only two and a half at the time) begged for me to keep reading another story and another story. I’ve never had the children all be so engaged in our morning devotional as they were with Crossroads of Character.

What they loved was that Crossroads of Character taught character lessons with stories and full-color pictures. All of the children in the stories are Marilyn Boyer’s grandchildren. My children loved following along with the antics of each of the children in the book. Since there were children each of their ages, they especially got excited about the stories.

Character TrailsWe were all so sad when we finished Crossroads of Character, so I was thrilled to discover that there was another book in the “series”. Character Trails is similar to Crossroads of Character, but it’s geared for a little bit older age level (I’d say 5-10 year olds).

There are 12 different character qualities covered. For each character quality, there is a Bible story, a story from history, and a story from Marilyn’s grandchildren that exemplifies that character quality.

Once again, my children were completely engaged. Some of the Bible stories and stories from history were ones they were very familiar with. But there were others that were new to them.

Character Trails 05Character Trails provided a springboard for many great discussions. And, once again, we were sad when we were finished with the book. I think my children are very hopeful that Marilyn continues to release these books so that they can follow along as her grandchildren grow up!

If you’re looking for a quality book on character for younger children, I’d definitely recommend Crossroads of Character and Character Trails. We read one story every day at breakfast and it was the perfect length for the current ages of my children.


Customer comment:

My 6 year old daughter LOVES these books! Character Trails is what she wanted for Christmas so badly (and my children don’t really ask for things). She loves that the book is about real children. She talks about the children all the time and has learned so many wonderful character lessons. It is cute, but my daughter is quite sure that when homeschools her children when she is older that she will get the Boyers whole preschool curriculum for her children- (we’ve never used it), but she loves their books that much! ~ Blessed Mama

These look WONDERFUL. I just started my book list for next year and put these at the top. I think my kids would really like them.
Have you read “In Grandma’s Attic”? Probably so, but we recently read it and it was great. Character or Bible truths illustrated in funny stories, the characters learn from them and my kids were very interested. The rest of those are also on my list for next year. Thanks for the suggestion! ~

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