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Welcome to our slice of the world. I’m Marilyn, homeschool Mom to 14 kids for 37 years. I love sharing what has worked for us, our family and practical ways we incorporated Scripture into raising our children. My passion is to help you in your homeschool journey.

Please enjoy these additional gifts for simply being a part of Erica’s amazing Giveway through Enrichment Studios.

Consequence Chart

Consequence Chart

Hold Their Hearts Audio by Marilyn

Hold Their Hearts

Some Things We Have Learned by Marilyn

Getting It All Done by Marilyn

Getting It All Done


You will receive our very popular: Consequence Chart PDF, "Hold Their Heart" Audio by Marilyn, "Some Things We Have Learned" Audio by Marilyn, "Getting it All Done" Audio by Marilyn Boyer

Marilyn is homeschooling Mom to 14 kids and has homeschooled for 37 years. Her advice has been time tested and used by thousands of Moms!

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