How to Freeze Fresh Corn


Guess What I Did Today?

I froze lots of corn from our garden. Let me tell you how; it’s really a simple process.

We have a big garden every year. This week the corn is ripening and we picked our first batch. We had corn on the cob for supper last night! Mmmm!

There is nothing like homegrown corn on the cob. This year we planted both Peaches and Cream and Golden Queen varieties.

I like to freeze corn so we can enjoy that fresh garden taste in the winter,  too!

Equipment you’ll need:

  • quart sized freezer bags
  • tongs
  • big pot to blanch corn in
  • ice
  • good cutting knife
  • cutting board

First of all, after picking, we shuck the corn. Then I carefully wash each ear trying to remove most of the silks.

While you are washing the corn, put on a large pot to boil. When boiling, place 5-10 ears of corn in to boil for 3-4 minutes.

Remove cobs with tongs and place immediately into a sink of icy water.

Dump more cobs in the boiling water to blanch and begin to cut the corn from the cobs on a large cutting board.


When cutting board is full of corn, I transfer the cut corn to a big bowl and cut some more.

Continue this process.

After another 4 minutes, remove your next batch of boiling ears and plunge into the icy water. I just keep adding ice with each batch to keep the water good and cold. It needs the shock of cold after the blanching to kill bacteria.

I usually finish the blanching well before I’m done cutting. When all the corn is cut from cobs, pack in freezer bags. I use quart size, but you can use whatever size your family needs. I write the date with a permanent marker so I know which batch to use first, come fall and winter.

That’s all there is to it!

Place in your freezer. I spread the bags around so they aren’t touching each other in the freezer so they will freeze more quickly. Later, I organize them in a “corn” section of the  freezer. This fall and winter, you will be amazed. You’ll have that wonderful homegrown corn flavor at your dinner table. Nothing quite like it!!



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  1. Many years ago I read that if freezer space is limited, freezing bags flat takes up less space. It’s good even if space is not limited, too, of course.

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