My Favorite Read-Aloud Book at Christmastime


I just love the Christmas season. And, I’m one of those people who really loves traditions- especially Christmas tradition. So, I really wanted to share a book with you that is a favorite tradition for my little family. We read it together every year throughout the Christmas season.

Little House Christmas TreasuryFestive Holiday Stories is a compilation of Christmas stories taken from some of the original 9 Little House Books. I’ve always loved the Little House books anyway, so this book caught my attention when I saw it in a bookstore years ago when my oldest child was only a very little girl. I bought it and fell in love with the sweet Christmas stories, the pretty little illustrations and colorful and cheery embellishments throughout, and the well-made sturdy pages.


I find the book itself to be really pretty, christmas-ey, and well-made; it would make a beautiful gift for a family or a child.

We like to make the stories stretch throughout the Christmas season.  So, on different nights, when we are home and after the day’s work is done and the kids are all cleaned up and in their pajamas, we’ll all snuggle up on the sofa with the Christmas tree lights glowing, and I’ll read one of the stories. These times, by the way, are some of my favorite times of the Christmas season each year- so simple, so sweet.

Each of the stories gives a glimpse of a Christmas long ago, and touches on themes such as the love of a family, sacrificial giving, and the joys of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

I highly recommend this special book.

Book is hardback, 139 pages



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