Easter Cookies with a Gospel Message


Easter....spring 2009Much like the anticipated tradition of making Christmas cookies, me and my children have made making Easter Cookies a tradition as well. But, aside from enjoying these yummy treats, we like to share them with neighbors and include a message about the true meaning of Easter. Bunnies, eggs, and candies aside- I want to help my kids focus on the message of the gospel.
It is easy- too easy- to find “Spring-time” cookie cutters. But finding some that are actually “Easter” oriented is a little harder. So, I was excited to find this set of cookie cutters at a local grocery store a few years back. The set included a lamb, a church, a cross, (and one other cutter that I did not use.)  Amazon.com also carries these cutters…click here.

We just made sugar cookies and I let the kids take turns cutting out the shapes. While doing this, we talked about what each shape could remind us about Easter. After, finishing the cookies, we prepared plates for neighbors and family, and included a little tag with some verses that explained the cookies.

Easter....spring 2009-2Here are the verses and descriptions I used last year, just to give you an idea. (Feel free to copy and paste and print to use for yourself.)
To make the tag I just cut out each description with verse, individually, and glued them to a colorful piece of construction paper or card stock. It can be as simple as that or you could definitely get more creative with it, too!

If you are giving this small gift to unsaved family or friends, pray with your children that God will use this simple seed in their hearts.

Last year, we took a platter of these cookies to a family get-together, and read the verses out loud before easting them. It was a nice small way to point my kids (and the adults and myself, too!) back to the reason for Easter. Whenever you are able, point your children back to the gospel!

~Kari Boyer

Kari Boyer

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