Proverbs People

The Bible Study created for kids on HOW to make Godly decisions that develops into Godly Character.


Making wise decisions, on the other hand, is a skill.

The skill of applying wisdom to life’s situations.

By using Scripture to address the many character issues in our family through the years, resulted in practical studies in applying character to life. In other words, the curriculum we developed was in response to the character problems we saw in our kid’s lives and our own lives.

Bible Studies for Kids

Proverbs People is an excellent foundational Bible Study on Godly Character for children, designed to help parents achieve their mission of implanting God’s Word deep in young hearts to fulfill God’s Deuteronomy 6 directive for eternal success.

Ages 7-12

The lesson questions are found in by digging into God's Word and finding the answers themselves. They begin internalizing God's truth into their heart on a level that they understand.

Audio Stories

For those audio listeners the companion CD stories are a power way to reinforce the truths deep into their hearts. As they listen again and again God's Word becomes a conviction.

Story Illustrations

Through out the workbook are great stories that bring home the powerful truths of the verses in relatable ways that kids understand.

Meet Marilyn,

Hi, I’m the Mom of 14 precious kids, with 37 years of homeschooling experience. 

I did not grow up in a Christian home. At the age of 18 I came to know Christ and then diligently searched Scripture when my children came along. 

Out of those searches we began implementing God’s Word into the everyday conversations in your home, applying it through creative, practical, unforgettable and fun methods.

Those were the testing grounds that are proven, effective tools we turned into Bible Studies to help you and build your family up in Godly Character.

Here is a two page FREEBIE I’d love for you to have. It go along with what we cover in-depth in this curriculum.



This simple overview gives you the references and the 50 life skills of a Godly person, all from the
book of Proverbs.

#1 Not A Conviction

Children Walking Away from the Faith.

70-75% of Christian youth leave the church after high school, Pew Research.

Which means God’s thoughts and Word are not personal and internalized for each child so that they become convictions. A conviction is not abandoned, while someone else’s opinion will be.

#2 We are Busy

Life is rushed.

Life is busy! When you are just trying to get food on the table for everyone, laundry folded and dishes washed, it’s easy to let the really important matters in life get pushed to the back burner.

#3 No Guidance

How Do I Do This Parenting Thing?!

No Mentor. Wanting to raise Godly children and actually knowing how to do it often are two different things. You don’t know how because you haven’t seen a good example of it to follow.

#4 Unprepared

Lack of Planning.

No Systematic Plan.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Benjamin Franklin
Without a solid Biblical curriculum and done-for-you lessons I’ve seen so many parents just do the minimum and before they know it their kids are gone and the regrets are very real.

You're Not Alone

Most moms I speak to feel overwhelmed with all that is the many duties and responsibilities on their plates.

They want to train their children correctly but don’t know where to begin. You are not alone!

This is why I created Character Concepts Curriculum – born from my in-the-trenches work with my own children.

How I've Shared
Over the Years

Developed out of a need to train my own 14 kids in Godly character, this flowed out of years of working with my own children on character flaws I saw in them.

I authored multiple curriculum and history books

I’ve spoken in over 5 countries and 20 state

I’ve spoken in hundreds of homeschool conferences over 15 years

The Overview

"In the absence of biblical conviction, people will go the way of culture. "
Sally Clarkson

Customers reviews

What are others saying?

“Rick and Marilyn, to me, are homeschool pioneers who have demonstrated to the younger generation of homeschoolers integrity, Christian values, and love. Lacie and I have learned tremendous lessons from Rick and Marilyn and having seen the Christian Character of their children, we are ever so intrigued by how well they have done. There are few families I have met who displays the Glory of God like the Boyers, may their tribe increase. Top qualities: Expert , Good Value, High Integrity."
Derick Dickens
Homeschooling Father
“Rick and Marilyn Boyer are true homeschooling pioneers. They have a vast range of personal experiences from which to draw. They have been state homeschooling leaders, national columnists for our magazine, the Home School Digest, nationally-known authors of several well-received books and popular speakers at various conferences around the nation. Rick is witty and humorous in his presentations and Marilyn can speak with authority on matters related to homeschooling and parenting. I hope you will consider having them speak at your next event, or in working with them in any other capacity.”
Israel Wayne
Marketing Director , Wisdom's Gate

Customers reviews

More love.

“I have known Rick and Marilyn for over 20 years and seem them live out what they teach. Today to many people operate by a philosophy of "do as I say not as I do", Rick and Marilyn operate by doing exactly what they teach. I have seen their many children grow up, all are serving the Lord in their local church, and through it all the Lord has been honored. If you are looking for helpful tools as you homeschool your children or are looking for material to help you parent your kids with Christian character I would recommend Rick and Marilyn and”
David Hamel
Thank you so much for your ministry. I had been praying for months about the fruit we just weren’t seeing in our homeschool. Then I was blessed to attend a session with Marilyn at AFHE’s convention (2012) and the handout Identifying Offenses has literally changed our lives (and our homeschool)!! We are now working through Growing in Wisdom as a family Bible study in the evenings, and Proverbs People I, as well as Marilyn’s preschool program. All of the h/s resources we have purchased from Character Concepts continue to bless us daily. Thank you for what you do.
Karyn for the Sanchez family

Easy-to-use Curriculum

“Making good choices at home and in life begins with good character. This family resource takes a positive approach to character that makes godly behavior easy for even the youngest children to recognize and emulate. Parents will be pleased to discover it goes beyond obedience and cheerfulness, covering important traits like dependability, flexibility and persuasiveness. This easy-to-use curriculum is a great way to begin building godly character traits and encouraging Christlike behavior in your family.”

David Webb, Coauthor of the What We Believe series


  • A systematic Bible Study on Character so you can teach Godly character to your children which means you won’t need to create it from scratch.
  • Story books so you can provide wonderful examples which means they will be able to visualize character in action.
  • Uncle Rick Audio stories so you can play them anytime, day or night which means audio learners will internalize the truths easily.
  • Age appropriate for family devotions or individual kids ages 7-12
  • Hands-on projects so they can practice the lessons they learn which means they will have a growth in personal experiences.
  • Adaptable for one or multiple children so you can learn as a family which means you’ll have plenty of ways to drawout the character lessons in daily life together.
  • Flashcards for quick review so you can drill the short definitions for each character quality which means your kids will have simple explanations of terms.