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What is attentiveness? Simply stated, it’s listening with the ears, eyes , and heart.  It’s paying attention on purpose.

As our kids were growing up we had a family night every Friday night. For a number of years, we would have a “family Bible quiz“. The kids looked forward to this. Dad would simply read from the Bible or Bible story book when they were very young. During or after (depending on attention spans of the kids), he would pause and ask questions about what he’d just read.

The kids would want to be first to raise their hand to answer a question. Sometimes we’d just go around the circle of children so each one had the opportunity to try to answer a question. If they couldn’t get it, we moved on to the next person.

When a child was able to give a correct answer they would be given a treat- box of raisins, some M &M’s, mini- candy bar, etc. (The treat would vary). What didn’t vary is that we found instead of just having fun as a family, this activity actually trained the kids to learn to be attentive. Instead of zoning out or falling asleep, they’d be super quiet and super attentive.

They would PAY ATTENTION on purpose, so they would be able to answer the questions they knew we would ask.  It also taught them that the Bible was something they needed to pay attention to because it contained direction and wisdom for life!

Here’s a link to one of our Bible quizzes, along with the answers. Gather around as a family soon and try it out. I think you’re kids will learn to love it as mine did.

Bible Quiz  Download    /   Bible Quiz Answers Download

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