Why Your Children Need Heroes


I feel sorry for young people.  Youngsters today are growing up without inspiration. They are growing up in a culture in which virtue and sterling character are viewed as obsolete. Much of our society seems dumbed down, watered down, downgraded.

It’s the Me Generation

It’s the Me Generation. The universe revolves around Me.  Don’t do or say anything that might offend Me. Because…well, I’m Me.

You can tell a lot about a culture by noting who their heroes are.  In our culture, it’s entertainers and pro athletes for the most part. We tend to categorize them in the general term, “rock stars.”  These people may be immoral, hooked on drugs, and emotionally derelict, but their exotic lifestyles appeal to Me.

We old folks grew up in a different environment. Although television was beginning to dilute our cultural heritage with bogus heroes such as Superman and Batman, we kids were still inspired by the lives of real people who had done great things—for others, not for Me.

Heroes of the Past

My mom had invested in a set of beautiful Bible story books which I devoured by the hour. Young David had killed the lion and the bear and finally the evil giant, Goliath (He made me a lifelong advocate for the little guy).  Samson had destroyed 3000 Philistines at his death.  Moses had led Israel across the wilderness, praying down supernatural provision along the way. Noah had spent 120 years building a giant ship to save a remnant of the human and animal species.  None of these biblical characters were portrayed as morally perfect, yet they all had an impact on an impressionable little life.  I never got over the thrill.

cd cover "growing in wisdom"

Along the way, I encountered more heroes. Some of them were real, some fictional.  Television offered cowboy good guys who always wore white hats.  Far better, real life constantly thrust before me examples of people who had done, dared, and suffered great things for causes bigger than themselves.  Our history books introduced us to great Americans (remember that phrase, “great Americans?”) and every school classroom sported a portrait of George Washington.  For a reason.

Born again at sixteen, I began to discover another category of heroes.  Corrie Ten Boom who had suffered in a concentration camp for hiding Jews from the Nazis.  George Whitefield, the great British preacher who led the Great Awakening up and down the American east coast.  John Paton, missionary to pagans so depraved that when his wife and baby died, he slept on their graves to keep the locals from disinterring and eating their bodies. George Muller, who had supported 2,000 orphans by faith, without asking anyone but God for help or even letting their needs be known.  David Brainerd, who poured out his life before the age of 30 in taking the gospel to the Indian tribes.

Sure, boys in my day collected baseball cards. But back then (believe it or not) even sports “heroes” took responsibility for their personal example to the kids who idolized them. They tried to be the kind of people the kids thought they were.  My point is things were different sixty years ago.  Not perfect, but far better than they are now.

Kids Need Heros

Because kids need heroes. Not immortals like Superman who never fail because they are indestructible. But real people with real weaknesses and fears. People who sometimes rise above those fears and win seemingly impossible victories. People of real virtue like Robert E. Lee, so noble in defeat that he was admired by friend and foe alike. There was a time when every town in the South had a school and/or a street named after him, and women brought their babies for him to pray a blessing over them.

black and white photo of Robert E. Lee

One has to wonder when people suggest tearing down a statue, how many of them have even read a biography of the person the statue memorializes.

I’ve pondered on the question of why heroes have such a powerful influence on young lives.  I think one reason is the power of inspiration.  Boys who spend time reading about great men instinctively want to become great men.  To attack great challenges and overcome them.  They see how men in former times suffered, fought and sacrificed for causes bigger and greater than themselves, and became bigger and greater men in the process.

It’s similar for girls, of course. How could a girl read about Corrie Ten Boom and ever be satisfied with a life spent watching soap operas?

Heroes encourage us in our difficulties. And when kids read how Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver rose from slave childhoods to become world changers, it ignites a flame of hope that they too, can one day be world changers as well.

Booker t Washington addressing a crowd

Heroes are life and breath to the optimism of youth. They are hope-givers.  At the same time, they make us ashamed of the littleness of our problems and the pettiness of our excuses.  They make us hunger to be more than we are, discontent with the mediocrity we see around and in us. They challenge us to lift ourselves from the swamp of the mundane and start climbing.

Uncle Rick Audio Book Club

These are some of the reasons that so many of the books I record for the Uncle Rick Audio Book Club are biographies.  I myself thrill to stories like that of Jake DeShazer, who suffered for years through Japanese prison camp tortures and yet went to Japan as a missionary after World War II ended.  I love how George Rogers Clark led his men across 200 miles of flooded, freezing river bottoms to take Fort Vincennes.  And oh, so many others.  Ben Franklin. The Swamp Fox. Stonewall Jackson. Thomas Edison. Fanny Crosby. Patrick Henry. Eddie Rickenbacker. Nancy Hart. Lydia Darragh.

I have worn a number of hats over the years. Each role has had its rewards.  Marilyn and I have met, taught, counseled and learned from thousands of parents and their children.  We’ve been privileged to write books and travel across the country speaking to groups of marvelous appreciative people. But I think that if I had done nothing in my career beyond the delightful work of recording great books for young people, it would have been a wonderful journey indeed.  The fan mail I occasionally get from kids around the country affirms that I’m not the only one inspired by the lives of heroes.

I recently received a wedding invitation from a young man named Michael who has been listening to my audio books since he was a small child.  I have met him only once in all those years.  Now my wife and I are to have the honor of joining his family for this very special day.  It seems that in some small way he views Uncle Rick as a hero in his life.  That’s very kind, but undeserved.   What I’ve done for him anyone could have done. I introduced him to real heroes. And they have helped him grow into the fine young man that he is.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someday he is somebody very special. Maybe even a hero.

~ Rick Boyer

Rick Boyer wears many hats. Parents know him as a speaker/author who tackles the challenges of parenting head-on.  He offers practical, effective solutions based on Scripture and over 40 years of parenting experience.  He and his wife, Marilyn are the authors of many popular books on parenting as well as the Bible-based Character Concepts curriculum.

To homeschooled kids, Rick is “Uncle Rick,” a dynamic storyteller who brings Scripture and history to colorful life and turns them into delightful and life-changing character lessons. The Uncle Rick Audio Book Club offers 2 youth audio books per month for a $10 monthly membership.  Check out his audio recordings at www.UncleRickAudios.com


American History Homeschool Books


Captivating American History Homeschool Books Your Kids Will Love

I am writing this just a few days before Inauguration Day 2021. This is such an incredibly disturbing time in our country. Things are so unstable.

Freedoms we all hold dear are in danger and becoming more so each day that goes by. This past year there has been so much done to threaten the very bedrock of freedom our country was founded upon.

We hear of mobs destroying statues of men our country has held in esteem for centuries. People are trying to erase history from the minds of the citizens. Kids are being taught that America is evil and responsible for the very wrongs our ancestors have worked to right.

Kasey and me with a wonderful veteran and godly man, Charles Reed

Know Your History to Protect Your Freedom

One of the first signs of decay of a society is when their history is taken from them. We see this happening at an alarming rate today. HOWEVER- it began in the early 1900’s. It’s happening at an escalated rate now, but back in early 1900s a movement was birthed to teach history from a purely economic viewpoint. A  movement was underfoot to remove references to GOD from our history books in government schools. The very year I went to first grade in 1962, prayer was removed from schools and shortly thereafter the Pledge of Allegiance. I remember starting every school day standing with my hand on my heart and reciting the pledge to our flag (there was a flag  in every classroom)

One of the first signs of decay of a society is when their history is taken from them. Share on X

Liberals sought to influence the minds of the populace. However, they knew they couldn’t sweep in and wipe history/God from the minds of the World War II generation- one who remembered the fight for freedom. It had to be a much slower process-. They would have to influence the minds of kids. It would take a whole generation or more of compulsory attendance/removal of prayer/removal of God- gradual implementation of these goals. It finally got to where students couldn’t mention God in commencement addresses or prayers.

Protect Your Freedom Bundle  

I have packaged these 4 books together for you and reduced them in price to help your family get informed and inspired. The regular price is $131. The special sale price is $96 for all 4. That’s 35% off. NOW through February 15th. You can also purchase the individual books if you wish.  

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American History for Homeschoolers Book Set

History began to be taught as study of people groups and societies, of tolerance of others. They moved away from the teaching history as it had been done for generations.

Back in the 90’s Rick was a drywall contractor and would from time to time hire employees. Just for fun, he would ask them questions about American history. It was astounding what little history was being imparted to students. Even simple questions, like Who was George Washington received the answer from one guy, “oh wasn’t he the guy who chopped down cherry tree?” -a story that wasn’t even true to begin with. He witnessed an incredible lack of education in real history. Watch some of these man on the street videos where they interview college students about history and you will be amazed!

The teaching of civics was removed from most government schools. I guess it depended on the section of the country you grew up in, but in the northeast, we had no government or civics courses offered.

I am grateful that Rick and I were introduced many years ago to the ministry of David Barton of  WALLBUILDERS. It was an incredible eye-opener. He owns massive amounts of primary source documents from the founding era. It had been one of the things on my bucket list to visit Wallbuilders and several years ago when we spoke at the homeschooling convention in TX, we took an extra day to go there. So amazing! 

 I had been taught history in school and thought it was thoroughly boring, but when you learn about real people and their experience, it makes it come alive. Listening to his DVD series he would mention people in American history and i began to realize that often the guys I never learned anything about, I began to find out they were the Christians. For example James Garfield. I knew he was a president but knew nothing else about him.  Reading his biography I read how he was miraculously saved, went home to find his mother on her knees praying for his salvation, and how he met Christ shortly thereafter. And while president, he held evangelistic meetings at the White House!! 

Protect Your Freedom Bundle 

I have packaged these 4 books together for you and reduced them in price to help your family get informed and inspired. The regular price is $131. The special sale price is $96 for all 4. That’s 35% off. NOW through February 15th. You can also purchase the individual books if you wish.  

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Listening to a presentation by David Barton about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, I was challenged when he asked how many signers we could name.  Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, (the least religious of the founders) and John Hancock- that’s all I could name. As I listened to his presentation, I became fascinated and later convicted that these men had sacrificed SO much for our freedom and we knew NOTHING about them!   I  wanted my kids and other’s kids to hear their stories. I couldn’t shake feeling like I needed to do something about that and was inspired to write For You They Signed– the first book I want to tell you about. That began 2 years of incredible research. David Barton recommended a 9 volume set of books written in the early 1800’s by a man who interviewed people who actually knew the signers or family members of signers. I was astounded to find out that many of signers wrote statements of what they believed about Jesus Christ so their posterity would never have to wonder.

Here are a couple of samples. 

Benjamin Rush:  “My only hope of salvation is in the infinite, transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His son upon the Cross. Nothing but his blood will wash away my sins.”

Roger Sherman:  “I believe that there is only one living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.. and that at the end of the world, there will be a resurrection from the dead, and a final judgment of all mankind, when the righteous shall be publically acquitted before Christ the Judge, and be admitted to everlasting life and glory, and the wicked be sentenced to everlasting punishment.

There are lots more in For You They Signed. 

For You THey Signed Book By Marilyn Boyer

Now there is a textbook used in many colleges called The Godless Constitution that propagates lies about the signers of the Declaration of Independence claiming that they were a bunch of deists. At the conclusion of the book it states something to the effect that -we have dispensed with usual practice of footnoting as we all know founders were deists. They have no proof at all! And the founders were prolific writers. You can know and don’t have to wonder or believe the lies. 

The vast majority of the signers were Christians by their own words. Even the ones we don’t know to be Christians held the Bible in high regard. Thomas Jefferson, while President, made the  Bible to be the main textbook used in DC city schools. He also cut out the words of Jesus to be used as a book for teaching Indians. You may have heard he had child by slave girl but that is not true. There was a definite movement to smear the reputation of the founders. If you want documented truth about Jefferson, read Barton’s book called The Jefferson Lies. Excellent and documented thoroughly. 

Protect Your Freedom Bundle 

I have packaged these 4 books together for you and reduced them in price to help your family get informed and inspired. The regular price is $131. The special sale price is $96 for all 4. That’s 35% off. NOW through February 15th. You can also purchase the individual books if you wish.  

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In my research for For You They Signed, I ran across stories of SO many others who weren’t signers but played crucial roles and had fascinating lives, so I began collecting a list to later write up their stories in another book. That one is called Profiles of Valor, the second book I’d like to tell you about. People like James Caldwell, Wentworth Cheswell, Henry Knox, Francis Marion and 36 other men and women.

Godly History Books

Several years ago, Master Books asked us to write history books. That began an incredible journey in preparing to write The Fight for Freedom and America’s Struggle to Become a Nation- the last 2 books I want to tell you about today.

We used primary source documents and history books written in the 1800’s that were used in PUBLIC schools, books our great grandparents studied. All school children KNEW these stories.  We had multiple history books written back then and they all told the same amazing stories of people. EVERYONE knew them. Now, no one has ever heard of these people or if they have, know so little about them, even stories that reflected the providence of God in several cases. A British general was known to have commented, “It appears that an invisible hand is working in behalf of the colonists” Oh boy, I can’t get started telling these stories right now, but they are SO fascinating. IT’s such a shame we don’t know these stories anymore that every school girl and boy knew just 2 or 3 generations ago. Hey, but your kids can know them. You can know them! 

In a normal history book, you MAYBE have one chapter about the war of Independence.  You can’t possibly understand it or hear about the people who lived it in one chapter! 

That’s why we offer so much about this period of history when our nation was established. We are losing the freedoms that were so hard to win and most people in our country don’t even recognize it. History in schools has become so dry and boring. They taught facts, not real stories of real people.  History told this way comes alive! 

The Fight for Freedom tells the inspiring stories of 34 men and women- some of whom you may have heard about and some you probably never have.

America’s Struggle contains 34 chapters of story events and even has a chapter explaining the  Constitution as well.

We sent our 2 history books to Chief Justice Roy Moore the  Ten Commandments Judge from AL to see if he would read and review them for us. Were we ever honored when he did just that. Here is what he wrote, 

“As a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a veteran of Vietnam, I have the greatest respect and love for our Country. Unfortunately, our children are not being taught the history of our nation in most of our public and private schools.

America’s Struggle to Become a Nation and The Fight for Freedom written by Rick and Marilyn Boyer together with student worksheets and biographical reference materials are an outstanding and invaluable information resource for teaching the formation and development of the United States of America. Rick and Marilyn have done a remarkable job of documenting the struggles and sacrifices of brave men and women who, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to build this land we love. Every American would benefit by reading these marvelous works designed to preserve our heritage as a nation.”


He called me personally and said he is a huge history buff but he learned things in these books he didn’t know. He said he recommended them to his son who is in West Point. I considered it a great honor and always will that he called and talked to me for around 15 minutes. He has been a stalwart defender of freedom and he deserves our respect and honor.

I can’t emphasize enough how VITAL it is for your family to become informed on our history. The time is here when we as Christians need to be involved in the public square. It’s because we haven’t that our country is in the mess it’s in today.

  1. The first step in protecting freedom is to become informed as a family.
  2. The next step is to become engaged in pointing the culture in right direction but I’ll save that topic for another day. 

Protect Your Freedom Bundle 

I have packaged these 4 books together for you and reduced them in price to help your family get informed and inspired. The regular price is $131. The special sale price is $96 for all 4. That’s 35% off. NOW through February 15th. You can also purchase the individual books if you wish.  

Purchase Protect Your Freedom Bundle

Protect Your Freedom Bundle


True or False? Signers of the Declaration

In 1776, 56 men signed their names on a document that they knew might well mean their certain deaths as traitors to England.


Standing on principles of faith and liberty, these men forged a powerful call for freedom and human dignity still resonating today in America.


Yet, historical revisionists have distorted or attempted to wipe away every trace of this nation`s Christian heritage, including the heartfelt faith of these founding fathers!

We need to arm our families with the TRUTH about the founding of our country and provide the knowledge to be able to authoritatively speak to those in your sphere of influence. The founders were prolific writers. We don’t have to wonder what they believed! It’s available to teach our families so we can be thoroughly equipped to spread the truth. It was never needed more than now. Our freedoms are eroding quickly, and we need to be able to have the wisdom to protect our the freedom we enjoy.


So, let’s play a little game!


Here are 4 statements that you commonly hear about the founders of our country, specifically the signers of the Declaration of Independence.


Do you know if they are true?

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The Dumbest Question I Ever Heard is Now History



I was chatting one day with a teenage boy who worked for me and somehow the conversation turned to the subject of studying history.  Young Sam didn’t see the point of it.

“Why,” he reasoned, “should I care about things that happened before I was even born?” Now, I’ve heard it said that there’s no such thing as a dumb question, but..well, as I said Sam was young.

Personally, I love history.  Especially American history.  I believe that it is the most important academic subject we teach our children.  That’s why my wife and I wrote our elementary (Providential) American history text books.  That’s why I saw very little of Marilyn except the top of her head for a year and a half—it took eighteen months for her to write For You They Signed, a book of character studies from the lives of the great men who signed the Declaration of Independence.  That’s why I spend so much time recording great old books for kids in my Uncle Rick audio book clubHistory matters far more than most people think.  The only reason you were bored with in school is that it was poorly taught.

As I tried to explain to my friend Sam, certain things could not happen in the present if certain other things had not happened in the past.  For instance, if Sam’s mother had never met Sam’s father in the past, there would be no Sam in the present.  Just little things like that.

The events of the past made the world in which we live for the present.  Today, things are happening that will determine what will happen tomorrow.  “Now” is the meeting place of eternity past and eternity future and it is not possible to separate the three time periods.  They are siblings; in fact, conjoined triplets.

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