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Sunday---What-Does-The-Bible-Say-CreationPsalms 19:1: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

How can anybody look at the earth and the sky and still doubt the existence of God? Green, lush trees reaching upward seem to open their arms and gaze in wonder at puffy white clouds in an endless blue expanse. The sun anoints the tops of the clouds with blazing whiteness while their undersides present banks of soothing, cool shade. Birds soar through the air, making it look effortless to do something man has only done in his dreams—fly without the aid of machinery.

Clear, cool water appears from its mysterious sources deep in the earth and runs gurgling along its paths, joining other streams and always growing wider and deeper on its course to finally lose itself in the endless oceans that cover the vast majority of the earth’s surface.

Could this really be the result of self-determinate forces?

Could all the beauty, majesty, force, violence and substance of Planet Earth just have happened?

You know it couldn’t. I know it couldn’t. And deep within his heart of hearts, I think the most vocal atheist knows it too. Who has ever witnessed the birth of a baby or stood beside a coffin on the edge of an open grave and doubted that there is something beyond what our physical eyes can see?

May God open the eyes of the unbelieving before it is too late.



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