Autumn Leaf Rubbings



Every autumn, while on a fall walk, we choose leaves from several different types of trees to use for making Leaf Rubbings.

It’s a very simple little project that even toddlers can do, and it’s one of those little traditions we have always enjoyed doing year after year. Perhaps you made these when you were a child, as well!

  • Place the leaves upside down on a table, (with the veins right side up).
  • Place a piece of Manila paper or white paper over the leaf
  • Using a crayon, color over where the leaf is

What you will have is a ‘leaf rubbing’, showing in detail the veins in the leaf.

With these, we would often make a leaf notebook, labeling each ‘rugging’ by telling what type of leaf is being represented, using a tree identification guide if necessary.

Or, for younger children we liked to  just hang the leaf rubbing on the refrigerator with their name and type of leaf they identified.

Find this and other fall projects in the Character Concepts Preschool Curriculum Mom’s Guide.

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