About Kari Boyer

Kari is married to Rick and Marilyn's son Tim. She is a stay-at-home mom and also homeschools her 4 children. She organizes the Character Concepts blog, sales and marketing. She loves being outside in the garden or helping her husband on the farm. She also loves cooking and fixing up their old farmhouse.

A Priceless Gift!


I want to encourage you this month as you shop for gifts for those you love. There are so many options in the stores of toys and books and clothes and the list goes on! However, many of those options are not the best for your family. The shelves are filled with the latest fads and pop stars, begging you to be a part of the craze and buy them.

Let me remind you, though, that this world does not love Christ. In fact, it rejects Him in just about every aspect of life. When society embraces a fad or pop star or music or story, you better watch out! A good rule of thumb, I try to go by, is if there is a show or book series or toy, etc, that is the latest craze, or that “everybody is talking about”, stay away from it… Society does NOT gravitate toward what is good, it gravitates toward what is as close to the limit as possible! So be careful!

Don’t succumb to these fads and allow your children to “taste” of them, just because everyone else is allowing their children to do so. Many times I hear parents say “but I need to let my kids experience some of these things, so when they get into the ‘real world’ they will “fit in”. And so, they allow their children to dabble in things that are not wholesome and innocent and productive, for the sake of being “socialized”. This may sound elementary to some of you, but I am constantly amazed at how many Christian parents do this very thing!

So what if you’re little girl is the only one without a Hannah Montana t-shirt! You should be more concerned with raising a godly young lady, than being sure she is not labeled as “weird”. As parents, it is NOT our job to be sure they taste all the little bits of the “world” that they are ‘supposed’ to! NO! God says to be SEPARATE from the world… to be UNSPOTTED. It is your responsibility as parents to shield them from these influences in the world.

So, I say all these things to encourage you this year, as you wrap up buying gifts for your family, to be sure the presents you are giving them are innocent in nature. There is a massive push these days to expose children to so much more than they need to know, to make them dress more provocative, etc, etc… they want to rob them of the innocence of childhood. Protect your kids this Christmas season. Keep them unspotted from the world. You are not robbing them of the latest fashion, you are giving them a gift that will last for eternity!

~ Kari Boyer


HOME for the Holidays


“It was the policy of the good old gentleman to make his children feel that home was the happiest place in the world; and I value this delicious home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent could bestow.” excerpt from “Christmas Eve” by Washington Irving

When I read this line from “Christmas Eve”, I just loved it! One of the choicest gifts a parent could bestow”…..what was it? A “home-feeling” he called it. The man in the story had been recalling his holidays at home and excited about joining in those familiar traditions again when he arrived home.

I have to ask myself. Do I give my children a “delicious home feeling”? I know I want to. And I agree, I think that must be one of the most wonderful gifts I can give to my children year after year.

When I recall the holiday seasons in my life, my mind does not settle itself on the gifts I received or how moist the turkey was, or if the pies were burnt. But, what I do remember is my home, family.

Here are some of the things that say “thanksgiving” or “Christmas” to me……Dad fixing the turkey every year, Mom and Dad saying ” Happy Thanksgiving” with a hug when I first saw them in the morning, Looking at the familiar Christmas decorations on the mantle year after year, arranging the Christmas presents around the tree (that was MY job!), Watching videos with my younger brother of our family Christmases from years past, visits to grandparents, Special services at church, special meals the way only Mom can fix them, the smell of the attic when we would take the decorations down, sitting by the fire with the family and looking at lights on the tree, making donuts (too many times!), singing and dancing and excitement Thanksgiving night when we kick off the Christmas season… that’s just a few, but it is nothing spectacular, and yet, I would not trade anything in exchange for those memories. Because all those things are wrapped up in the general wrapping of HOME, FAMILY, LOVE. You can’t replace those.

What’s my point? Make memories with your kids! Start this year. Make your home a place that is filled with love and togetherness. Don’t allow yourself to be too busy and harried to enjoy the holidays! I just cringe when I hear a mom say “Oh dear, Christmas is almost here” (with a sigh) or “Thanksgiving is just a month away?- don’t remind me- I have too much to do!“

If that is your attitude, you do have too much to do. Don’t rob yourself and your children the joys of the season because you are grumpy because you have “so much to do”. Find joy in those tasks. Remember that it is a gift from God to have a family to serve. Give yourself the freedom to Say NO to activities or events. You can’t do them all. This holiday season, be sure you set aside time at HOME with just you and your family, doing special things together. Will it be spectacular? Probably not……but it will be memorable.