America’s freedom was won by 17-year-old’s!



It’s true.  The average age of American soldiers in the Revolutionary War was seventeen.
It was mostly teenagers who fought King George’s veterans to a standstill and broke the chains of tyranny, freeing thirteen scattered colonies to form the greatest nation the world had ever seen.
This eye-opening truth should inspire you and your children to believe that they too can be great and do great things while still young. That’s important in a society that treats young people as second-rate; that doesn’t expect them to really grow up until they’re in their twenties-if then!
But a hundred years ago, young people thrilled to stories of American greatness both in biography and fiction.  They had high hopes and aspirations. They knew that greatness wasn’t a matter of having their name up in lights or being the idol of a fan club, but of the true nobility of sterling character.  They knew their nation’s honored history and heroes.  They were inspired to be great themselves.
Now those stories have come to life again through Uncle Rick’s Boys of Liberty Library.
We’re delighted to be able to share with your family these great audio books, which have delighted our children and grandchildren, with your family. 

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This week we are introducing the Boys of Liberty Library, Volume II:

Cannons boom, bugles sound their rousing calls and clouds of powder smoke fill the air once again as the story of America’s War for Independence continues. This second set in the exciting Boys of Liberty Library carries on the saga of freedom through the eyes of those who lived through those perilous days. Enjoy listening as Uncle Rick brings alive the thrilling accounts of heroes, generals, spies, patriots and cutthroats. You’ll not want to stop listening to these inspiring stories of the birth of America-right down to the last musket shot!
These five novels on CD transport young listeners back to the time when the good guys were really good.  They live again-as their great, great grandparents did- the adventures of those young people who captured Fort Ticonderoga, endured with Washington the winter at Valley Forge, captured enemy spies, fought overwhelming odds at Bunker Hill and carried critical dispatches at the risk of capture and death!

You already know what a treat audio books are as summer fun for young people. Young lives have been changed by great books. Give your kids the best of summer with Uncle Rick!
Audiobooks included in this collection are:
Captain of the Minutemen (or the Concord Boys of 1775), On to Quebec (or With Montgomery in Canada), The King’s Messenger (or The Fall of Ticonderoga), In Buff and Blue (or Serving Under Old Put), and The Tory Plot (or Saving Washington’s Life)

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Boys-of-Liberty-Library-Collection-1You May Also Like: Boys of Liberty: Volume I
“We were listening in the car to Uncle Rick reading a book from his Boys of Liberty Library.  My husband was driving but listening so intently to Uncle Rick that he missed a turn!  I said, “Hey, you’re not in Boston; you’re in Rustburg!”  He told me that he had never learned all this history in school.  Once my daughter was listening to Uncle Rick as she drove to church, and she ended up at school instead!” BB
“My daughter-in-law, Tina told me that 6-year-old Anne was listening to Uncle Rick read about Paul Revere. Dad (Nate) was on his way out the door to work.  Suddenly Tina noticed that Nate hadn’t gotten past the front door.  He’d gotten spellbound listening, too!
My daughters and I listen every time we do errands. We often wait to go into Walmart to find out what happened! They are so good for ALL ages!”
~Marilyn Boyer

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