5 Reasons Why Your Child Wants to Learn History from Uncle Rick!

The Uncle Rick Audio Book Club is your child’s home for inspiring American history. (you’ll also find Scripture audios and adventure stories, too!)
 You will hear stories that dig deeper than your history textbook- and that are far more interesting!
These stories will stick with you, and your knowledge of American History will become much more solid.
The best part is that while you are learning more and absorbing all sorts of historical facts and figures, you are actually enjoying doing so. Since these are audio stories, you can easily learn your American History while cleaning your room, riding in the car, or doing chores, or whatever!
But don’t take our word for it!
Here is what our listeners have told us about why they love learning history from Uncle Rick:

1. Because kids love learning the Uncle Rick way
“My children love the stories! They make history so interesting. (My son says it is because of the details that most textbooks don’t include.) Uncle Rick is easy to listen to; we love his accents and explanations.”
smiling little girl with headphones at home
2. Because “Uncle Rick’s teaching sticks!”
“My 5 oldest children have begun sleeping in the playroom together to listen to Uncle Rick at bedtime. I love when they share during breakfast what they’ve learned the night before.”
“Our 4 boys have consistently listened to Uncle Rick more than any other CD. WE LOVE UNCLE RICK!!! One of my sons can say large portions of Patrick Henry’s speech, thanks to Uncle Rick.”
3.  Because of the power of relationship-based learning
“My kids talk about what Uncle Rick taught them about various things as if he is really their uncle!”
“Our little boys make comments like: ‘Well, Uncle Rick said …’ 
Thank you for this godly inspiration and counsel and guidance you give to our children.”
boy listening to retro radio
4. Because Uncle Rick audios are SAFE for kids
   “I can always count on Uncle Rick to offer wholesome, engaging content that I don’t have to pre-screen before allowing my children to listen.”
5Because Uncle Rick audio is so ECONOMICAL
“Thank you SO much for making the audio book club!! You have completely blessed my family by making this book club available & affordable. I am so grateful!!”

For greatest selection, greatest value, and the most benefits,  join the Uncle Rick Audio Club.

you will get 2 great audiobooks of your choice for only $10 a month! 
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2 Replies to “5 Reasons Why Your Child Wants to Learn History from Uncle Rick!”

  1. I am 63 years of age and do have children but I have very low vision it is hard for me to see . Would this be good for me.

    • Sure, adults love to listen as well. There is so much history we haven’t learned. I think you would benefit greatly from listening. I keep CD’s in my car and listen as I run errands.

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