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Here is a great little online game to help teach your children the skeletal system. My kids were studying the human body in a science course, and needed to be able to identify the bones of the body.

So, my mom found this skeleton game from and it really helped them to practice and memorize where all the bones of the body belong. They had lots of fun playing it, and were actually studying in the process!

There are 2 ways to play:

  1. You label the skeleton by dragging the names of the bones to the correct label pointing to the skeleton- in as few attempts as possible- under 25 tries.
  2. You “assemble” the skeleton by clicking on the bone and dragging it to it’s appropriate place on the skeleton silhouette. When you click on a bone, its name is stated. Your goal is to get them all in the right place the first time- in under 25 tries.

It’s really pretty fun. I enjoyed brushing up my “skeletal system knowledge” and played a few rounds myself!

Find the Skeleton Game HERE


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