A Game of “If’s”


ifs game “Ifs” is a game we often played with our children to help them learn how to make wise decisions before they were even placed in a position of temptation.  Our grown kids have testified this helped them many times to choose the right thing.  This what would you do game for kids is fun and yet they are learning the whole time.

endurance ifs game Each Card asks a question based on common circumstances kids may encounter or decisions they will have to make.

The purpose of the game is to help you prepare your kids for how you would want them to respond to certain situations you expect them to have to encounter. That way, your child knows in advance the correct way to handle those sticky situations.

This opens up great opportunities for discussion as a family, and helps your kids (and you!) to think through the proper response before he is confronted with it.  Your course of action, the “answer” to the question,  may be different than what ours was for our kids, but the idea is figuring out a plan together so when your child is placed in a situation, they are prepared to choose wisely. This helps both parents and kids prepare when the pressure isn’t on and makes it into a fun ifs game cardgame for learning.

How to use? You can use these If’s for family devotions or even for discussion around the dinner table. Consider placing them in a jar and having your child choose one each night. Go to God’s Word together and search for the correct response.

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