2 Paragraphs You Should Memorize



Here are 2 paragraphs every American should know by heart- The preamble to our Constitution, and the preamble to the Declaration of Independence!

Have your children (or whole family) memorize them and discuss their meanings together.

I like to laminate these for added durability. Then I can use them for multiple children throughout the years.

(click on image or title, below for Download)

Preamble to the Declaration of Independencepreamble to the declaration

Preamble to the Constitutionpreamble to the constitution 2



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  1. Hey Marilyn, I have been looking hard for good resources and things to use with our kids to teach about elections and work on our patriotism. They also want to understand better how exactly elections work. The events of this last week definitely sped up the need I feel to do so. I was wondering if there’s a way to get these downloads, the links aren’t working for me. I also wondered if you have a list of great resources you recommend. Everything now seems so biased and I don’t want to encourage that in my kids. We have ages 10 down to 1 so a wide range. Thanks in advance for everything you do, you’re always such a huge encouragement to me.

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