14 Reasons Why I’m Glad We Homeschooled Our Children


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I am SO glad I homeschooled all of my 14 children.

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. It has shaped our family into what it is today.

Here are some of the reasons I’m so glad we did.

1. All of my kids are Christians. They love the Lord and actively serve Him in their local church. This is the most important reason. Being in our home for all of their schooling experience allowed us to focus on God’s Word. God’s Word had a central role in their education. Even at bedtime they listened to their dad read and explain Scripture and learned so much just from being exposed to it.

2. My kids are each other’s best friends. Yes, sometimes there are ripples. They don’t always agree of course, but they are committed to the success of each other and really are each other’s friends. That is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I don’t think they could have achieved that level of closeness if they hadn’t been with each other for most of their waking hours. My son Matt once said that one of the things he appreciated about homeschooling was that he got to really know his brothers and sisters instead of just meeting up with them in the evening.

3. My kids are others-focused. Sure, they have interests and things they love to do, but they aren’t absorbed in selfish pursuits. A part of my kids growing up experience was ministering to others. They learned how to find others needs and took action to meet them when they could. They weren’t so busy with school activities that they didn’t have time for others.

4. My kids have a Biblical worldview. They realize that God’s Word has the answers for effectively living their lives. God’s Word is their standard for right and wrong. God’s Word was in their schoolbooks, in our home decor, in recordings they listened to and we talked about it. Government schools don’t allow God’s Word to be a part of their education at all. It was the center of ours.

5. My kids have servant’s hearts. They look for ways to be a blessing to others. With the flexibility we had in our schedule, we’ve been able to schedule projects to teach them to be servants in the lives of others. We had the flexibility to reach out to others and not bound by school schedules.

6. Our family isn’t perfect, but it is strong. We get together once a week even though many are married and have families of their own. It’s the highlight of our week. The grandkids LOVE getting together with their cousins. Our delight was in our kids and they knew it. We tried to teach them to help make each other successful, not to compete but cooperate with each other.

7. My kids have a strong work ethic. They’ve had to pitch in and work as a team to accomplish what needs to be done. This has been great training and has paid off now that they are older and have families of their own. Chores were a part of every day. My kids are thankful for it and I couldn’t have done all the chores and spent any profitable time with each of them.

8. My kids aren’t slaves to peer pressure. I suppose we’re all tempted at times to succumb to peer pressure, but being able to be at home, as they were growing up, has given them stronger confidence in their values. When kids are young is not the time to test their beliefs. They need the freedom to become solid in what they believe before they head out to face the world.

9. My kids have had the opportunities to explore many interests beyond a basic high school education. They are well-rounded. Textbooks are only the beginning of an education. Oh boy, exploring their own interests WAS a huge part of their education. We were able to cut down on busy work and thereby have the freedom for them to learn about their own areas of interest. Home education is the best way to go!

10. I was present to see and help them work on character weaknesses and individualize their learning. Having the kids around all day, you couldn’t ignore problems. You had to deal with them. Dealing with them was how we developed all our character curriculum from addressing the problems in our own kids’ character.

11. My kids know a lot of Scripture. We were able to make it a priority in their education. We made it a priority from the time they were little to fill their minds with God’s Word. and God’s Word never returns void. It comes back to them at times of temptation.

12. We were able to teach our kids truth and not have to undo historical revisionism, tolerance training, exposure to ungodly theories taught in the government schools. I think this is why so many of my kids have a passion for freedom. We were able to find and teach our godly heritage in America and it inspired my kids to protect that freedom.

13. My kids learned to stand alone and stand up for truth. Being homeschooled gave them more opportunities for this. We faced lots of opposition -especially in the early years, but it only made us all evaluate what we were doing and why, and it made everyone stronger.

14. Their time wasn’t wasted with learning things for which they will never have any use. This is the beauty of homeschooling. If it’s something your kids need to know, teach it to them. If it’s not, don’t . You are the master of the books, not the other way around. You are free to follow God’s leading on how to teach each individual child. What works for one may not work at all for another. You are free to decide what is best for them.

I can’t come close to naming all the reasons I love home education. I’ve listed just a few.

What about you? Share with us reasons you’re glad you homeschool!

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